REVIEW: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

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I’m really bad with reviews but I recently finished Scarlet and I wanted to talk about it.

Story time! I started The Lunar Chronicles on January because I was really desperate to start reading after a year of having only 10 books read (two of them really short.) So I asked some internet friends for books to read and a one of them recommended me this series. As I said before I dig fantasy a lot so when she told me they were the classic fairytales retold in a Sci-Fi way I obviously decided to give it a try. It was not what I expected. Not in a bad way, the thing is I wanted to read fantasy at the moment and this was not what I was looking for, though it has magic and stuff it’s more like those kind of books that picture the future really dark and sad (Like the hunger games, but also not the hunger games.)

So I started Cinder and it was okay I guess, it didn’t really struck me and it was very predictable but overall an enjoyable book. The world the story presented was interesting enough to keep reading and Cinder was a great female character. I gave it 3 stars on goodreads (which I’m learning to use)

The second book was so much better though. Not only the way Marissa Meyer adapted the classic characters into Wolf and Scarlet and their relationship and background which I liked more than Cinder and Kai but the whole story changes. At first I found myself a bit bored reading Kai’s and Cinder’s parts but just because I wanted to read more about Scarlet and her journey and how it was related to the first book’s plot. A little after I was entertained with all of them so I didn’t really care when they switched POV. Cinder it’s still a badass in this one and now next to Thorne who is such a Flynn Rider. Absolutely love him.

Scarlet was also amazing. I liked the fact that she was a pilot, because… I don’t know, pilots are cool. Also, there’s the thing that maybe I liked Scarlet more because of Wolf. I’m going to be honest now. Usually when I pick this kind of books romance is a strong factor at the moment of deciding (I won’t ever admit that out loud) I got lucky that the plot was also interesting with The Lunar Chronicles. What I’m trying to say is that if one of the characters in the main relationship doesn’t really call my attention I might not like the book that much. I think this happened with Cinder. Kai was just… I don’t know, I liked him but, something about him and his relationship with Cinder didn’t click. Scarlet and Wolf did, I liked him a lot and I think the reason I liked the second book more was because of this.

So now I’m off to Cress which is the book I’ve wanted to read since the beginning, I love Rapunzel. The issue with this is we don’t have so many adaptations of Rapunzel or at least I haven’t watched a lot. So my influence comes from Disney’s Tangled. From what I got to know about Carswell Thorne in Scarlet, he’s pretty much taken from Tangled, he’s basically Flynn Rider, the question now is will Cress have Rapunzel’s cuteness? I hope so!



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