Literary Web Series (my favorites)

Let’s talk about business… and by that I mean one of my favorite things, LITERARY WEB SERIES!!! [YouTube Intensifies.] I have to be honest, two years ago I had no idea what a literary web series was. So how did I got into this fascinating world? Easy, the way I got into any other world, tumblr.

I was once scrolling down my dashboard, minding my own business, when I saw a cute set of gifs about something I couldn’t identify. So of course being the way I am I started looking for the gifs and tags and all until I found out it was about “Nothing Much to Do,” the first web series ever I heard of.

I know literary web series kind of started with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries which I had no idea it existed. At the moment Nothing Much To Do was the best and most original idea on the universe, I didn’t know they were following the steps of others. So since that happened two years ago I had the chance to watch a few more series which I’m going to list right now (in no particular order of preference)

And get comfy this is going to be a long, long, long post… but really when are they not with me on the keyboard?

  • Nothing Much To Do (adaptation of “Much Ado About Nothing”) By Candle Wasters.

So as I said before this one was my first literary web series and my favorite one. Not only because it was the one who introduce me to this system but also because if you saw my post about 5 Movie Locations I Want to Go to, Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite Shakespeare play. You cannot understand my excitement when I finally understood what Nothing Much To Do was about (the name pretty much gives it away…)

Anyway, this adaptation transports Will’s characters to New Zealand (cute accents) and puts them into Messina High School. This might not be The Lizzie Bennet Diaries quality (which I’m always going to use as an example because everyone does) but I thought it was a really clever adaptation. What’s different about it and the reason I love NMTD and it’s my favorite is that their performance feels so real that you don’t know how much of themselves are the actor putting in the character.

It feels as if they eat them and everything is so awkwardly natural, as if Benedick and Beatrice really existed. I was so disappointed when I learned the actors names like “What? No, your names is Beatrice”. Another thing I like about it beside Harriet (Beatrice) and Jake’s (Benedick) performance is that you get attached to these characters (I even liked John.) It’s aesthetically cute, nice and pretty awesome. I totally recommend it.

Link to the playlist here.

  • Green Gables Fables (adaptation of “Anne of Green Gables”) by green gables fables?

Green Gables Fables was such a surprise to find. First of all I only found out about this because I was going through some period romance blogs in tumblr and saw posts about the TV show. Looking for more information in YouTube (meaning watching some Anne/Gilbert scenes) I discovered GGF.

Now I’m in no position to say this because I didn’t read the books (yet… I bought the first one two days ago) nor watch the TV series but I feel like Mandy Kharmon (Anne) does a great job portraying her (? I mean I did watch some videos of the original series and I feel like she did a great job adapting Anne. The series is divided in two seasons until now since season two is currently coming up. This is new for me because usually I find finished web series. I gotta say I don’t really like waiting a week for a three-minute video.

Even though GGF didn’t start with Anne at the age she has in the first book if you watch the first few videos and the ones in season two you can clearly see how much she grew and matured which is something I think  it was made fantastically. A plus for me is that Gilbert is such a cutie here too! And I’m a sucker for this kind of relationships. So yeah, I recommend it. If you start watching, don’t lose interest in the first videos. I know they can be a little bit boring because of the lack of other characters though I think Mandy manages quite well on her own. The series is one of those who improves over time and it easily became one of my favorites.

Link to the first season here!

  • Carmilla (adaptation of… duh, “Carmilla”) by KindaTV


This adaptation of Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu it’s probably one of the most famous ones and it’s totally understandable because it’s simply awesome. It’s how you wish every teen supernatural TV show or movie would go. It was also my second web series watched.

Laura Hollis starts vlogging about the disappearance of her roommate in Silas University and discovers that other girls are also missing and that it might be related to her new suspicious but hot roommate who doesn’t sleep at night and keeps blood in the refrigerator (as a “joke”)

Carmilla was also a result of a tumblr post I saw… on tumblr. Let just say I found everything on tumblr. I don’t know what to say to convince you to watch this so I’m going to go with this: Lesbian vampire. That’s it, that was all for me. I like the book Carmilla and this adaptation is interesting, it has great actresses with great chemistry, great representation and a compelling story. Though there were times when I would get lost because they can’t film every supernatural thing that happens I don’t know if the show is really to blame here or my understanding of English. I think they currently finished season three which I only watched two or three episodes because of procrastination.

First season here!

  • The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy (Adaptation of Peter Pan) by EpicRobotTV

If you haven’t figured out yet (because, you know the name of my blog) Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories. I don’t exactly remember how I found this (I think imdb) but I know I was the happiest person alive when I did.

However this, of course, was not what I expected. I was not disappointed though. In this story, Peter and Wendy are grownups with jobs and homes and responsibilities. The characters still have their main essence though. Anyway, in the first season they introduce us to the Darling siblings, Michael and John. We are also introduced to (Tiger) Lily who is interested in Peter and really, really rich. Tinkerbell fulfills the role of camera so every time we see the characters we either see them through Wendy’s videos or Tinkerbell’s eyes.

In season two things go big and we get to meet Hook, Smee and the Darling siblings’ father played by Jim Beaver. As soon as I saw Bobby from Supernatural (I mean Jim) I knew this was no ordinary web series. I then found out it’s from one of the producers of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (? This is pretty much a web series that could be on TV, I mean the parties and the places… It takes out the whole vlogging experience I’m used to with NMTD or GGF.

It was no wonder that for season three they started an indiegogo campaign to get the money to film. After seeing what they were asking for (which I think is too much) I understood why so much production (50.000!!!!!)

watch it here!


Finding this was like finding the origin story of all things. The Lizzie Bennet diaries was the fifth web series I found and when I also discovered it won a freaking Emmy i just couldn’t understand how is it that I didn’t find it earlier. Finding it felt like everything was a lie. I mean there was no lie but… Ugh! I don’t know. I was so frustrated. It felt like watching all sci-fi series without having known about The X-Files.

So I clearly understand why this is so famous between other web series, aside from being the first one. Pride and Prejudice itself is a novel everyone knows and it has a very famous love story . Everyone wants a Darcy, blah, blah. And the fact that they have a freaking Emmy helps as well. The characters are charming and accurate, and they audience is kept intrigued as to know more about Darcy and how he looks like (even though most already know)… by audience I mean me. I also knew about Darcy, I read the book but I just wanted to see who was playing him! Was he handsome? Was he accurate? (Yes it was). I was not used to the idea of someone telling me about the character and how the relationship went without seeing the love interest of the series. I got to see Darcy anyway and I was pleased. Great casting for everyone.

watch it here!

  • Lovely Little Losers (Adaptation of Love’s Labour’s Lost) by Candle Wasters.


You know how I told you that you grew attached to the Nothing Much To Do characters? And you know that feeling when you finish watching something and you’re sad because you wish there was more and you’re so into the story and you can’t do anything else but think about it? That was Nothing Much To Do for me. TWO FREAKING YEARS LATER I found out that there was A FUCKING SEQUEL!

Following another Shakespeare play this is based on Love’s Labour’s Lost… one of the few Will’s plays I didn’t read. In this sequel Beatrice hands in her main role and the camera passes to Benedick… this is his adventure now as he vlogs about what goes on in the apartment he’s sharing with his three flat mates. A new character for us, Freddie and the two other flat mates being Pedro and Balthazar (my babies!) Though this is their story now, familiar faces come and go through the course of the series. I was a little sad because of the lack of Beatrice until she appeared and stayed (so if that is your case don’t worry)

Some might say that it’s better to not watch it and just stay with NMTD and I’m not entirely disagreeing because though I know the story follows the plot of Shakespeare’s play, it’s a little bit silly when adapted. But everything to watch my ship get canon.

Watch it here!


Here comes another Emmy Award winning web series from Pemberley Digital. I didn’t want to watch this at first because I thought the actress who played Emma was one taken from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and I thought it was no suit for Emma’s character. As I was mistaken and in vacations and bored I proceeded to watch it.

People prefer the Lizzie Bennet Diaries best and I think I do too because of the story. But Emma approved was so authentic and Joanna Sotomura did such a great job portraying her. I liked the acting of Emma Approved more than of TLBD, don’t hate me it’s just an opinion. Also, romance is a very important subject when it comes to choosing what to watch and though I like Darcy I like Knightly, who we get to see from the beginning, better.

Plus, isn’t it totally cute that Joanna and Brent, the actors who portray Knightly and Emma are dating?  I think it’s adorable and they make a really cute couple.

watch it here!

If you got here, wow, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed reading me talking about my favorite things 🙂



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  1. A friend recommended a couple of these to me a long time ago, and I got really, really excited, then I forgot (I know, I know, but it’s the kind of thing I do all the time okay?) So I am so delighted that you posted this! These all look amazing, and I will save it for future reference so I don’t forget again!

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