Elie Saab “A Princess’ Dream” 2015

Hey there!

Did I ever tell you I love fashion? Well kinda. I love the idea of expressing myself with my clothes. I love different styles and trends but if there’s something I can’t resist are gorgeous runaway dresses I’m never going to wear, those are my favorite.

I want to maintain myself a little bit open with what I upload here, you know, I upload “Everything I like, everything I don’t and everything I don’t know”… yup, I just quoted myself. Anyway, I saw this beautiful dresses from Elie Saab’s Autum/Winter runaway last year that I wanted to show you.

When I thought about adding a fashion category to my blog I wanted to be related to something like books or movies. Last and first post I made in that category had to do with “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I decided to share this because it reminded me so much of fantasy books.

If I was a fearless princess in a magic kingdom (dream much?) I would definitely wear this:







These are just some of the designs I like. I’m going to try to do more posts about fashion cause I really like it.

see ya!



REVIEW: The Jungle Book

the jungle book.jpg

Hey people! After last post I decided I wanted to go a little light and do a Review of The Jungle Book which I saw on Friday.

A little background information: This movie was directed by Jon Favreau which for me was a plus since I’m a marvel fan and he directed the first two Iron Man movies aside from appearing in them, he directed Elf and though I’m not a big fan of this movie I know it has quite good reviews. Zathura and Cowboys & Aliens are also in his repertoire of well-known movies.

The voice cast is also something: Bill Murray playing Baloo, Ben Kingsley playing Bagheera, Idris Elba (swoons) plays Shere Khan, Lupita Nyongo’o (she’s amazing) plays Rashka, Scarlett Johansson gives voice to Kaa (Scarlett is my babe, I love her a lot since she gives life to one of my favorite comic characters also is the first time Kaa is portrayed as a female and if you stay until the end of the movie you can hear her sing in the credits) Giancarlo Esposito plays Akela and King Louie is played by Christopher Walken. Last but not least Mowgli is played by the amazing young actor, Neel Sethi, who I hope gets enough recognition because I thought he was incredible.

Ok, like I told you posts before (or not) I’m a big Disney fan… like big, big. So of course it’s a must for me to go to see Disney movies to the cinema. However, The Jungle Book is not one of those Disney classics I would say I love so I wasn’t so convinced about going to see it to the cinema. Sure I was going to enjoy it because it was Disney but I didn’t know if I should spend money on it or just wait until it’s on internet (illegally, you know)

I’m glad I decided to pay and watch it because it’s the kind of movie you need to see on the big screen. All the locations we see in the movie are totally made up, meaning computer generated and people might think that this gives some sort of fake image yet it was beautiful. These places are inspired in real ones from India but it’s like they have a more fantasy/magic look, more “Disney like” and they still manage to look real, I couldn’t believe this was made in a studio and not in a real jungle.

Same system was used to create the animal, and there are a lot of them! One of the first thoughts that came to my mind when I saw this movie was being made was that when animals talk in movies it looks horrible and very artificial but this was not the case for The Jungle Book. Though animals were fake they looked pretty much real.

Another pro for this movie is that it doesn’t follow the exact same story that the animated one. The Jungle Book (1967) was inspired by the book of the same name by Rudyard Kipling and the movie follows more the story of this book rather than the story of the classic Disney movie which I think is great because you don’t go to watch it thinking you already know the plot and what’s going to happen.

Neel Sethi (12) who plays Mowgli is absolutely amazing, I always admire actors who can do a good job when everything around you is green and you have to imagine what surrounds you and who you are talking to. I read that Jim Henson Company life-sized puppets were used to act alongside Mowgli to help Neel and serve as eye-lines.

I suck at reviewing, usually I just tell you what I saw and like (or sometimes didn’t) trying not to spoil you anything. Anyway I totally recommend this movie, I cried, I laughed and I sang which for me it’s the definition of totally worth it.

See ya!

PS: I want Bagheera and Baloo as parents please.



Shows I Stopped Watching (And Why)

watch tv shows

TV shows are life. Or at least they take a very important part in my life. I also suck at watching them. When they’re complete they’re the best thing ever, I could watch 7 seasons in one month (like I did with The X-Files) but when I have to follow the show watching one episode per week… I just suck at it. I end up falling behind.

Right now I’m in a sort of “viewer’s block” I can’t seem to catch up with any of the tv shows I’m watching… And I watch a lot. I thought maybe writing about the ones I stopped watching would make me want to get updated with the ones I do watch.

Horrible idea I know but I’m also bored and trying to get my mind off some things so I’m going to write about the tv shows I stopped watching and the reasons why I did.

A little warning: I’m really sorry if you watch any of these shows and don’t agree with me on my reasons. Keep in mind this is my opinion only. Secondly, beware of the spoilers.

1- The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries was probably the first TV series I watched in english, I was a freshman when it started. It was on my TV every thursday (I think) after Supernatural. By then I was a big fan of Twilight and vampires [shrinks] At first I was in love of the show but as I grew older the plot got so bad and in my opinion, after season 3, things just went down. There are a couple of things why I stopped liking the show.

First of all, Klaus was incredible and in some point he was my favorite character so when they took him and the originals family (who I thought were the most interesting character of the show) to another tv series I thought it was bad for TVD. It was as if they took the most interesting part of the show. Secondly, Delena. I don’t know why and probably everybody disagrees with me on this because Delena was The Ship of the show, I just didn’t like them. It was like too obvious Elena was going to get with Damon at some point (books aside) and I just felt sorry for Stefan. I really liked Stelena.

The way I see it, klaroline was one of the ships that was bringing the show back to life (meaning: keeping things a little bit interesting for me) and when they took Klaus away it’s like they ruined it. I didn’t watch much after that. I only got to the part where a bunch of doppelgängers of Elena and Stefan were around. The doppelgänger plot got so old with The Vampire Diaries, it was tiring. It was good at some point because Nina Dobrev showed how good of an actress she is, I thought she was amazing in those scenes with Elena’s Doppelgangers.

Wow, it gives me so much nostalgia to talk about The Vampire Diaries.

2- Pretty Little Liars

I remember saying “I would never watch PLL” because it was so famous among teenagers and every girl in my class watched it and it made me hate it for some reason. At some point I gave in and I thought it was good. But I was in season 4 and nobody knew who A was and I got annoyed and bored. Like at some point everybody was part of the A team apparently. Maybe I grew up while watching it or just reasoned but everything the girls did had no logic. Why didn’t you tell your parents in the first place?! I think it would have been a good show if it had less seasons.

3- Arrow

When Arrow started I had no idea it was from DC. After looking into it I decided to give it a try. First two seasons were really good. By then I shipped Olicity really hard though I knew Oliver and Laurel should be together since she was supposed to become Black Canary and all. When I got to season three (where the show currently was) I was so happy because Olicity was happening but as usual after the first two episodes I fall behind and failed to catch up.

The thing is I had a lot of spoilers with this show and every spoiler I saw made me less anxious to get to the current episode they were airing. For some reason I stopped shipping olicity because a lot of people were shipping it and made the ship look more important than the show. I do this often, when something becomes famous I stop liking it (Example: The Fault In Our Stars)

Also, the fan service of this show is terrible and the fact that [SPOILER] they killed Laurel is just… NOPE!

4- Glee

Glee was my life! Joke, but I was a crazy fan, I still listen to a lot of covers they made and basically loved every character. I believe the show should have ended after season 3. Season 4 was not bad but I just didn’t like the dynamic. After Cory died (cries forever) things got pretty aimless, like horribly bad. Sometimes characters disappeared all of a sudden and all the newbies they introduced where discarded like disposable cups after one season and I hated that. I get that they were part of Finn’s storyline but after his death it all was arranged horribly.

It kinda makes me sad, because of glee I’m a big fan of Lea Michele,  Dianna Agron and Darren Criss. I’m still a big fan of the cast. (specially of these three)

I got some tv shows on hiatus too, meaning, I don’t want to stop watching them and I still care about the characters but right now is not the moment, examples: Supernatural, Dawson’s Creek, Chuck, Shameless and The Fosters. Also, I thought about mentioning The Flash but I really only watched 10 episodes of season 1 so I don’t think it was like these shows were I really was interested at some point.




(Sort of) REVIEW: Batman v Superman 


If you haven’t figured out yet I like to make opinions. Part of the reasons I made my blog was because I like to express my thoughts a lot even though I don’t express them aloud with friends or people I know.

I didn’t want to express my thoughts about the movie because though I’m a big fan of DC movies (or batman movies really) in a cinematography way I’m not much of an expert in the comics and I feel that if I said something people were going to judge me because I was in no right to say it if I didn’t read the comics, believe, it happens. But this is my blog so I decided why not?

So when I went to watch the movie everybody was saying it sucked and the critics were pretty harsh. I only read a few tweets saying it was amazing and that I shouldn’t listen to the critics. Sadly for me I pay a lot of attention to the critics and I wasn’t so sure about this movie like I was when I first heard of it.

I loved it. In my opinion the movie was amazing. But I do understand why people wouldn’t “dig” it. I heard the guys behind me in the cinema saying how they almost felt asleep and the people in front of me left! I thought it was incredible. So I’m going to first talk about the things I liked and the things I didn’t.

The first thing I want to point out is the soundtrack. Oh god. The soundtrack was so incredible. It made the movie so artistic. Seriously, Hans Zimmer made the movie look like a piece of art with the OST.

Another great thing was Ben Affleck. Without reading the comics when I found out Ben was going to play Bruce Wayne I didn’t like it very much because I liked Christian Bale. But after consulting with some friends who like DC they told me that though they liked Bale’s batman, Affleck looked more accurately like Bruce Wayne so I opened my mind and said “Okay, I’m not going to judge until I see him” After that I started having faith in him and he didn’t fail. Ben was amazing. I don’t know if it was accurate but I loved it.

Superman?! I’m not a big fan of superman I don’t know why but I actually liked him a lot in the movie. Another character I loved was Wonder Woman. Actually it was the main reason why I was excited for this movie. I didn’t care for Superman and Batman fighting all I wanted was to see Diana Prince. Gal Gadot was wonderful (got it?)  and her theme song was so good!

Now, what I didn’t like? Well, first of all the reason why Superman and Batman were fighting. It was a little stupid and though it unleashed what I thought was a good fight scene the reasons where just not enough to back up what the characters felt about each other. Maybe that’s a part of the comics I don’t know, they said this movie was for the DC comics fans maybe they understood Batman’s rage towards Superman but I didn’t.

Actually that’s that. That’s the only thing I didn’t really like. The reason I believe I understand why some people might have not liked it was because I don’t know about the people who saw it but there were some moments of the movie where I would stop and think “Wait… what’s going on?” I didn’t understand some parts or the need of some scenes that maybe the fans did. That dream scene of Bruce was ¿¿?? I know there was supposed to be some Robin (Jason Todd) easter egg or reference, was that it? Was it something else? I don’t know.

I liked Aquaman because I love Jason Momoa and I was so excited for Ezra Miller’s Flash but it didn’t convince me? Maybe because I’m used to Grant Gustin’s Flash and seeing Ezra seemed a little off. Apart from that I thought the movie was on point.

Also Amy Adams was stunning and I loved Jeremy Irons’ Alfred a lot.

I’m really excited for this DC movies new era, hopefully I can get into some comics (I only read the Harley Quinn ones so far.)

See ya!

PS: I chose that picture because superbat is so shippable with a picture like that. It’s raining, they’re looking at each other, Superman has a hand on Batman’s chest… so romantic. It looks like they’re about to kiss! Loved it.
PS 2: I updated this and now I know that the person in the dream sequence is Barry! The robin reference was the suit with the ha ha’s written on it. 


Tour With Me

Hey people, I’m back from my trip and not ready at all to continue with my life.I’m going to make an attempt though. So far I failed because today I should have gone to classes and didn’t.

Anyway, last post I mentioned I was going to show you where I went cause I got so many pretty pictures and I don’t have Facebook (anymore) so I can’t upload them there and I can’t just put them all in instagram so why not share them with you? The place of destination was Bariloche. Might not have heard of it and if you did you’re so, so cool. Bariloche is in Rio Negro, Argentina and it’s usually a cold place with mountains where it snows. It didn’t snow though because it’s a little bit early for that we just entered autumn here. However it was cold… really cold!

For being someone who wants to get the hell out of this country you’ll understand I’m not so much interested in places here. It makes me feel bad but I’m just not into “la Patagonia” It doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful but it’s not my kind of place. I do have friends who would love to travel through Argentina and see everything but that’s just not me. So said that I was not that excited to got to Bariloche. I heard amazing things about the place even from my grandparents who usually don’t travel inside the country (unless it’s to Mar del Plata, a city 5 hours of distance from where we live. There are beaches there so…)

I was SO wrong, AGAIN. Bariloche is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Seriously if I had to choose one view to see for the rest of my life it would be Bariloche’s landscapes. I’ll show you but sadly photographs will make no justice.

I got out of the airport and I already saw this…

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset
From outside the airport

And the next day we went touring. In Puerto Pañuelo they would take us to two islands, one named Victoria and the other I don’t remember but it was so beautiful.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset
Puerto Pañuelo… I think

Yeah by then I was in love with this place, it was so beautiful. So movie like somehow

First one is Puerto Pañuelo. Second one is the view from the first island. In Victoria island we did a little more because on the first one it was lunch time and my grandparents were really tired so we decided not to push it and just go to the cafeteria to eat something and enjoy the view.

The second one was more fun. We did a little circuit through the Arayán forest. Arayán is this beautiful tree with a really cold temperature apparently. The tour guy from the ship told us we should hug the trees because they would give us good vibes and to see how cold the tree was. So through the track you would see a bunch of people hugging trees, go green or go home right?

I think Victoria Island is so famous here because there was a sort of myth going around that said that Walt Disney got his inspiration there to make Bambi… which is not true… at all. In fact the tour man from the ship talked about this and how though it was not true the place didn’t need a celebrity name to be considered famous or beautiful

And he was kind of right.

But the trees kind of look like a white-tailed deer fur, maybe?

That in the middle is me by the way, hi!

Foto 4-11-16 2 52 38 PM

So yes, this place was amazing.

I also spent my days drinking hot chocolate. As I told you at the beginning, Bariloche is usually a cold place with snow because it’s close to the famous Cordillera de Los Andes and well Chile. So the place kind of gained popularity for hot chocolate and chocolate to eat. It didn’t disappoint, the chocolate there is so good.

And these are only two of the hot chocolates I drank. I think I drank one each day lol.

okay so the first pic is from Victoria island. It’s the roof of this small cabin aside from the circuit we did. I think it was call fantasy Cottage. The second one is the back of an amazing small church up in a hill were you had the most spectacular view.

Foto 4-11-16 4 09 11 PM


I then went to this beautiful cathedral. Fun Fact about me: I was raised in a catholic family. I’m baptized and took the communion too but as soon as I changed schools and started high school in a catholic one were we would pray every morning and have cathesism as a subject I stopped believing. I don’t know if I’m atheist but what I know is that I don’t believe in god and I believe in evolution. It’s funny because cathesism was one of my favorite subjects since we would discuss social issues and I like knowing about religion… I know quite a lot for someone who does not believe.

A lot of pine trees… I think they were pine trees… well they looked like it.

Also they were lots and lots of flowers… I love flowers I’m like a flower child or something, I see flowers and I can’t resist myself I have to take them pictures.

And beautiful roses even my grandma’s iPhone 6+ had trouble with the colors. They were so, so red they almost shined in the pictures. I think I edited these two.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Otto hill

This was in another touristic place we went to, Otto hill. We went up in a cable car. Up in the hill there was a rotating restaurant. While you were eating the restaurant would slightly rotate so you could see all the view. This was my favorite part.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Me again, hi!

I wish I could show you all the pictures but I don’t want to bore you. So I’m going to say bye with these three pictures I took in the Swiss colony… yeah because there’s a small swiss town here. I ate fondue in one of the restaurants and it was deliciously awesome.

Foto 4-11-16 4 32 19 PM

Foto 4-11-16 4 32 17 PM

Foto 4-11-16 4 31 59 PM