Elie Saab “A Princess’ Dream” 2015

Hey there!

Did I ever tell you I love fashion? Well kinda. I love the idea of expressing myself with my clothes. I love different styles and trends but if there’s something I can’t resist are gorgeous runaway dresses I’m never going to wear, those are my favorite.

I want to maintain myself a little bit open with what I upload here, you know, I upload “Everything I like, everything I don’t and everything I don’t know”… yup, I just quoted myself. Anyway, I saw this beautiful dresses from Elie Saab’s Autum/Winter runaway last year that I wanted to show you.

When I thought about adding a fashion category to my blog I wanted to be related to something like books or movies. Last and first post I made in that category had to do with “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I decided to share this because it reminded me so much of fantasy books.

If I was a fearless princess in a magic kingdom (dream much?) I would definitely wear this:







These are just some of the designs I like. I’m going to try to do more posts about fashion cause I really like it.

see ya!



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