Feminism where I live

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Huge rant ahead!

Being a person who constantly checks US news and movements I gotta say I feel sorry for feminism in my country. Or maybe is just the people I surround myself with. There are a couple of things to have in consideration with the rant I’m about to do

First, I have nice friends. At least I like to think that they’re nice people. But sometimes they say things that I. Can. Not. Tolerate. And usually I’m a really patient person.

Secondly when I talk about feminism I usually include a lot of things. Primarily Equality between men and women, the end of stereotyping both and how they are “supposed” to behave or what are they supposed to wear because of their gender. Also, woman of colour, transgender women, support between women, the end of slut shaming, sexuality, end of body shaming between others. These are all the things that come to my mind when I think of the word “Feminism”

People here seem to be so afraid of this word. It’s a really funny thing because they say they’re not feminist and when you proceed to ask them “So you believe your father, your uncle or grandpa are better, deserve more and are more worthy than your mother, aunt or grandma?” this is a basic question that does not cover feminism entirely but it’s easy for people who have no idea about being a feminist. I also learned that if you include people familiar to the person you’re asking they usually answer that they do believe their parents should be equal or maybe they answer they’re different. But because they’re different it doesn’t mean one is less than the other right?

I think people are afraid of the word because it’s like choosing a political view. I mean I know people who believe in equality but won’t say they’re feminists because they don’t identify as one, which leaves me a bit confused. Others (usually guys) say that feminism is for women so they are not feminist because they’re not girls.

So it’s not also they’re afraid of the word but they are not very conscious of what it mean. This can bring a lot of misunderstanding. Because they don’t know what it means they assume that because feminist has “fem” in it means something that probably will only make it better just for girls. They’re so wrong.

And honestly I’m so tired of people saying “Don’t be a girl”, “Look what she’s wearing”, “she’s a slut” “can she love herself more?” WHAT THE HELL! I once heard the last one being said by one of my closest friends after dinner when we were on our phones. She was checking the instagram of a girl from high school. She had a lot of photos of herself posing and stuff and THAT’S OK! That time was the first time I stood up at a comment and said “It’s totally ok to love yourself, let her be” and she answered me “Ok but not that much” Seriously?!

I know everyone is a bit problematic sometimes but when it comes to this subject I just can’t tolerate them, it’s not ok. If, for example, that girl from high school wants to upload a picture in underwear or even naked it’s freaking ok! Because it’s her life and just because you’re not comfortable doing that doesn’t mean its wrong. It means she is, she loves herself and might be comfortable with her sexuality and that’s perfect! We should be complimenting her for that not degrading her!

If she wants to send pictures of herself to millions of guys it’s her fucking decision and not your place to comment if she’s a slut or not. If she feels comfortable doing it it’s fine. She’s an adult and she knows what she’s doing.

It’s okay to be comfortable with yourself, its okay to be a girl and go out with a lot of people as long as you don’t hurt them, it’s okay to have confidence and feel pretty and nice. What is not okay is girls criticizing other girls, putting them down, calling the sluts or whores.

Ok… I just wanted to take that out of my chest.

See ya 🙂


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