Be My Guest (Movie Facts)

beauty and the beast

So today I lost my chill somewhere at 10am when I woke up and saw the Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer. I’m so excited for this movie and as usual I want to talk about my excitement with you guys. But in order to keep it “entertaining” I’m going to do some fun facts about the 1991 movie aside from, you know, fangirling about it. 

Ok so as soon as the music started playing I got chills! Everything looks so incredible. I always said the Beauty and the Beast castle is my favorite Disney castle and it should have been on one of the Disney parks because it’s honestly perfect. Ewan McGregor plays Lumiere and Ian McKellen Cogsworth and their voices were seriously on point! And Emma! From the moment she announced she was going to be Belle in the new remake I thought she was a perfect fit for the role.

The music was amazing and it’s basically what I’m more excited about. The 1991 movie soundtrack is possibly one of the best soundtracks Disney ever made with an Academy Award to prove it.

Beside Emma Watson as Belle I’m also really excited to see Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts since their voices are portrayed by Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen, who I mentioned before, and also Emma Thompson! (who I love a lot.)

Ok so now that I’m done fangirling let’s move to the facts:

  • The art director from the movie (Brian McEntee) color-keyed Belle so that she was the only one in the town wearing blue. This was a symbol of how different she was from the rest. Beast, another outcast also wears blue and has blue eyes. In the film blue is good and red is evil (Gaston’s shirt)
  • Most of the sculptures we see in the castle are different earlier versions of the Beast.


  • In the prologue they state that the rose will bloom until the prince is twenty-one. Later when Lumiere sings “Ten years we’ve been rusting…” in “Be Our Guest” we learn that the castle has been enchanted for ten years which means that the Beast is 21 and was only eleven when he was enchanted. I think that could also explain why he has difficulty reading (I mean I know you learn to read at 6 or 7 but… actually I don’t know)
  • The song “Human Again” was cut just before production started. The song was later added to the Broadway show and was recorded and animated for the 2002 re-release of the film. This is one of my favorite Disney songs and I honestly hope they add it to the 2017 film.
  • There were some early sketches of  scenes that were dropped because they were considered gruesome for the film, this included a scene where the Beast is seen dragging the carcass of an animal he killed. However in the movie we can see an animal’s skeleton.
  • In Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve’s “The Story of Beauty and the Beast” (the original version of the story) the prince was turned into a beast not for being selfish and unloving but for refusing to marry his evil fairy godmother. Belle’s challenge in that version was not to understand the Beast’s temperament but his stupidity (he could not express himself intelligently)
  • Chip is the only on of the castle (besides the Beast) ro refer to Belle by her name.
  • the Beast name was never mentioned in the media franchise, however, it has been confirmed by “The D Show” and the broadway version that his name was Prince Adam.
  • Chip ended up being the “cute character” of the movie but originally that role was for a music box which was supposed to be a musical version of Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The music box could soothe the Beast with its music and stowed away with Belle when she was freed but because they liked Bradley Pierce’s voice so much (Chip) they decided to expand his dialogue and the music box idea was scrapped. We can see the music box in a part of the movie though.

music box

  • They’re several hidden mickey’s in this movie: One after Gaston and the men chop down the tree, we can see 3 droplets of water that form an upside-down Mickey head. Another, a trio of stones by the roots to the left cottage at the beginning and during “Human Again” sequence we can see another one.
  • “Be Our Guest” was originally supposed to be sung to Maurice, Belle’s father but they didn’t want to waste such a good song on a secondary character.
  • in the first song we see Belle sitting by a fountain. As she reads the blue book she earlier described to have a prince in disguise, the story resemblance the Beauty and the Beast one and when she flips to a page with a picture if you look closely you will see that she is in the bottom right. the beast in the middle left and the castle in the middle.
  • In 1988, Disney hired British animation director Richard Purdum to adapt the film. His version of the film was a darker, non-musical adaptions; it also took place in 18th-century France. You can watch it here.

  • When Gaston is falling at the very end, a tiny skull flashes in each of his eyes during a close-up of his face. This is meant to symbolize that he does indeed die.


  • The finale dance between Belle and the Prince is actually reused animation from the finale dance between Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip inSleeping Beauty.

(You can see other recycled animation scenes in that video)

  • Disney originally wanted Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, to provide the voice for Belle.

  • In 2002, the Library of Congress deemed Beauty and the Beast a “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” film and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

See ya!


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