See art with me

Hi! Before I start with the artsy stuff, I reached 70 followers! How crazy is that?! I never imagine when I started this blog that people would actually read me, not even dared to imagine they would follow me! Thank you so much! You make this experience even more valuable. 

I went to an art exposition on saturday. It’s a big one they do here where I live and it’s kind of expensive I think but I didn’t have to pay for a ticket so that’s the main reason why I went actually. My grandpa was invited but he isn’t so much into that kind of art (me neither really) so when I found the invitations in a golden envelope I asked him and he told me I could keep them and go with someone since he wasn’t going to be here.

He and my grandma left to Europe four days ago and I’m already missing them like crazy. I know I complain whenever they are arround but you can really notice when they’re gone and in such needed time, let’s say they’re being extra missed.

Going back to the art stuff, this exposition features a lot of local artists, a lot from other countries of South America and some artists from US. It’s not really the type of art I would go to see since I’m more into renaissance, romanticism and impressionism but it is art nevertheless and I love art, I love museums and paintings and sculptures and I thought why not? Maybe I see something I like.

So because I’m me I decided to take pictures of my favorite ones and show them to you. They’re a bit horizontal and dark because there were lots of people and it was a difficult to take pictures.

Photo May 21, 8 21 55 PM (1)

Photo May 21, 8 18 50 PM

This came out so horizontal but overall I liked it.

Photo May 21, 8 17 42 PM (1)

Photo May 21, 8 20 10 PM

Photo May 21, 8 19 01 PM

Photo May 21, 8 12 34 PM

Okay if you don’t speak or read spanish you won’t get this one. Basically people had to write “When I was 20…” or “When I’m 20” and then their personal experience at 20. They’re a lot of “When I was 20 I was happy” and “When I’m 20 I want to have an orgy” Yeah… I wrote “When I was 20 I went to Disney” Cause I’m going this year (and I’m 20) and because Disney is kind of important for me though if I was alone and not with a friend that night I would had written “When I was 20 it was difficult” (See “Punch a Wall” and “Fix a Wall” posts to understand this)

Photo May 21, 8 01 59 PM

Photo May 21, 7 57 55 PM

Photo May 21, 7 49 52 PM

Photo May 21, 7 49 26 PM

These were in a dark room, really cool.

Photo May 21, 7 47 50 PM

I don’t know why but this one was one of my favorite ones.

Photo May 21, 7 46 19 PM

And I think this one was my favorite. If I had millions of dollars I would have bought it.

Photo May 21, 7 45 31 PM

Photo May 21, 7 45 23 PM

Photo May 21, 7 44 14 PM

this, too was one of my favorites.

Photo May 21, 7 42 39 PM

Photo May 21, 7 23 52 PM

You can actually see me taking the picture in this one.

Photo May 21, 7 23 28 PM

Another favorite.

Photo May 21, 7 21 18 PM

Photo May 21, 7 19 44 PM

Photo May 21, 7 17 28 PM

So these are the ones I thought were worthy of a picture. Like I said I’m into another kind of art so it was a little bit new for me. Hope you enjoyed going on art exhibitions with me though 😉

See ya!


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