MOVIE REVIEW: Finding Dory

kept swimming

Last week I had the chance to go and see Finding Dory, not only was I excited about it because it’s a Disney/Pixar movie but also because Dory has a special place in my childhood, I still remember being 7 and going to see Finding Nemo in theaters.

Let’s talk about the movie and try not to spoil anything. Like the title clears it out this movie is about Dory and her journey. As you may know she has short-term memory and though she remembers Nemo and Marlin because she sees them every day her childhood and origin are a mystery to her… until she does remember something, she gets a glimpse of memory of the past that takes her to the idea that she had a family and she needs to find them. With that, Dory , Nemo and Marlin start a new adventure full of new charming characters and really cool places.

If I had to choose between the first and the second one I think I definitely would stay with this one. First of all because although Finding Nemo is part of my childhood my sister was the one who was more obsessed with it. See I have a complicated relationship with Pixar movies and only now I’m starting to really value them. When I was young I used to love them but I would get tired of them really quickly (except The incredibles, I love that movie) And maybe it was that my sister’s bed was full of stuffed animals in the shape of Nemo, Dory and Marlin or the fact that she used to watch the movie everyday just like I used to watch The Lion King everyday when I was her age, must be a family thing.

I found the movie (I did something there hehe) really dynamic in terms of the spaces it takes place. The new characters were amazing and funny and I was glad that we also got to see old ones like Crush and Mr. Ray. I would however have loved to see those sharks again, they were hilarious. What I also loved about this film is how well handled Dory’s illness is, I got so emotional with it. It’s funny how a movie without any major tragedy like brutally killing the family at the first part of the movie (ahem, Finding Nemo, ahem) can make me cry like a baby… or maybe that’s just me I see a bit of emotion in a scene and I’m already crying, you have to always have in mind you’re reading a review of a person that literally cries during all of The Lion King. Yeah, not just Mufasa’s death, ALL the movie, even in Hakuna Matata.

The colors of the movie also caught my attention a lot, I feel the need to point it out because some scenes had really beautiful art. And finally but not less important the soundtrack and the song at the end on the credits, simply incredible. I saw the movie two times and even in the second one I stayed listening to Sia’s Unforgettable (cover) because it was really beautiful (and is now on my Apple Music songs)

I’ll leave it here for you to listen cause I really, really loved it.


What I’m into at the moment

Hey lovely people! This was supposed to be an update post about what’s going on with me but I then thought it was going to bore you to death so I decided to do a “What I’m into at the moment” post, it’s kind of like a favorites of [insert month] but because I can’t wait til the end of the month and I never do those kind of post I’m going to do this, why am I explaining this to you? No idea just go with it.

So because of exams and university I haven’t been able to do many things, however I’m going to try to list my favorite things at the moment for you.

  • TV Shows

I don’t know why but these past months I haven’t been able to update myself with any tv show I watch, not even daredevil, my favorite ever. However the only thing I can watch at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy, I’m currently on season 5.

greys 5

It’s really weird because at first I was really against watching it. My sister came to ask me if she should watch it and I told her not to because everybody died. Two weeks later she started Grey’s and a month later I gave up and started it too. It’s so good but so sad, but soooo good.

Another TV show I’m about to start is Elementary. I tried watching Sherlock from BBC but I honestly couldn’t, and the cast from this show is freaking amazing. I haven’t started yet because of exams but now that I finished those I’ll be getting into it.


  • Music

Since I changed to apple music I stopped having playlists to hear while I walk on the street but seeing as lately I have only been hearing specific songs and passing all the others I made one

Photo Jun 11, 6 29 05 PM.png

Those are it. Come Alive by Foo Fighters and Black Sheep by Metric have been an obsession of mine these past days.

  • Books

I only read the prologue of this book because, you know, exams but I’m really excited to read it.

the secret history

I’ll leave you the goodreads description if you haven’t heard of it.

Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality they slip gradually from obsession to corruption and betrayal, and at last – inexorably – into evil.

  • Movie

So I’m not into any movie at the moment since I watched Captain America Civil War and X-Men Apocalypse but I could tell you the movies I’m really excited about this and next month

finding dory

I’m so happy the wait is over with Finding Dory, luckily, I get to see it next week!


Unlike others I’m really excited for this Ghostbusters movie, all female and Kate McKinnon on it, I love her!

  • Make up

I’m not sure this is make up (because I know nothing about make up) but due to the cold winter upon my country my lips are really dry and they hurt sometimes so my forever companion from Nivea helps me a lot.

nivea peach


  • Clothes

This Levi’s scarf I love so much.

Photo Jun 11, 7 19 16 PM.png

So this are the things I’m into the moment, hope you liked it, if you feel familiar with one of this things comment what you think, or not, you’re free to do whatever you want 🙂

see ya!

Liebster Award

Photo Jun 07, 9 20 59 PM

I’m back with a Liebster Award! I have been trying to post as much as before but just when I decided I was going to try to post every day I got into exams week, yeah talk about timing.

Thank you so much flickbox for nominating me! If you got time go check this blog, it’s pretty awesome.

Photo Jun 07, 9 16 22 PM.png

Let’s see the rules:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers of your own choosing
  • Give them 11 questions
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them

Perfect! The questions are…

1. What is your favourite horror movie ?

I usually  hate horror movies but if I had to pick one I actually liked it would be Psycho

2. If you could be a movie bad guy, which one would you be ?

Wow this one is good, hmm I think I would be Loki from Thor and The Avengers. I’m actually saying Loki because I cannot think of other bad guy at the moment.

3. Would you let a movie crew film in your house ?

yeah! This actually happened to a friend once but it wasn’t a movie it was for a tv show from here.

4. What kind of movie would you like to star in ? Why ?

I’m between action, sci-fi, fantasy and adventure because usually those are the movies I obsess more about.

5. Which movie star should live forever ?

I think Leo DiCaprio is on top of my list here.

6. Would you like to be an actor/actress ? Why or why not ?

If I had talent, wasn’t so shy and had the appearance to attract audience in today’s society (unfortunately this is “important” nowadays) I would totally be an actress. I love movies, entertainment, theatre and all things related to acting, I grew up in it because my mom took a lot of acting classes and I used to go and see her plays.

7. Do you think movies have been developing technology or technology has been developing movies ?

I think is a mix of both. Thanks to technology more movies have been developed and at the same time these movies make us work more on the technology being used to make them so we can improve them.

8. If you were to be an actor / actress, which director would you like to work with ? And actor ?

Humm directors I think it would be Kenneth Branagh, Zack Snyder or Baz Luhrmann and actors… that is really hard because I love a lot of actors but I would choose Robert De Niro or Rachel McAdams

9. Would you rather be in a movie, or be given $500.000 ?

Be in a movie.

10. Think of a boring movie you’ve seen. Is there a way to make it better ?

I can’t think of any boring movie I watched… Most of the times even if it was boring at some point I end up liking them anyways. Recently I watched Now is Good with Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irons but I couldn’t finish it because I got bored. I can’t say I blame the movie here though because I think I was just a bit tired of the same theme. Maybe in another time I would have loved it.

11. Which movie has the best story ? Tell me about it.

Oh this is so difficult, a lot movies have incredible stories. For now I’m going to say Stardust because it’s one of my favorite fantasy movies. Although for being based in a park attraction I would say the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have a great story.

Hey! this was fun, loved this movie related questions 🙂

Now my questions are:

  1. Favorite movie based on a book?
  2. Favorite snack for a movie?
  3. Book you wish there was a movie adaptation? or book you wish there wasn’t a movie adaptation?
  4. What is going to be your costume for this Halloween? or if you don’t have plans because it’s kinda early who/what would you want to dress as?
  5. Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean or Marvel movies?
  6. If you were in a movie/book what character would you be? (protagonist, best friend, love interest, etc…)
  7. When a movie based on a book comes out you are usually the person who already read the book or the person who is going to read the book after seeing the movie?
  8. A TV movie you liked?
  9. Think of your favorite character from a book, which actor/actress would you choose to portray them?
  10. Would you rather be the director of the movie the book is being adapted to or the writer of the book the movie is being adapted to?
  11. Pick a favorite character from a book, which movie character do you think they would have a great chemistry with?

I like this questions a lot!

I’m actually going follow the rules and nominate 11 blogs for once:

Let me know when you do this or if you do this, you don’t have to if you don’t want to of course, but if you do I would love to read the answers.


Sets from May

Like I said a long post ago, probably you don’t remember, didn’t read it or I didn’t even said it, I have a Polyvore account. For those who are staring at my post asking to themselves “what the hell is a polyvore?” Is a fashion site that let’s you create your own sets of clothes, you can also create artistic sets or home sets, meaning it doesn’t have to be clothes only. It’s more of a design thing.

I had my polyvore account for a while now and I love doing sets there so I decided to start a monthly post about the sets I do per month. I’m a bit obsessive so I usually do one per day if I have time… usually I have because I’m a lazy person.

Anyway my user is constellvtion if you want to see more of the sets I made (I make a lot)

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 52 AM

“Be Gentle”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 46 AM

“A world where roses bloom”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 38 AM

“Following pixies”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 35 AM

“Listening Magic”

I did this one because I was hearing the harry potter audiobook which let me tell you it’s amazing.

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 32 AM

“keep breathing”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 29 AM.png

“A starful spring night”

I’m not even sure “starful” exists so yeah i just created a new word.Photo Jun 02, 11 53 26 AM

“Sweet dreams”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 21 AM.png

“That eccentric lady”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 17 AM


Photo Jun 02, 11 53 14 AM


Photo Jun 02, 11 53 11 AM

“The blower’s daughter”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 08 AM

“Okay feelings”

Photo Jun 02, 11 52 59 AM


Photo Jun 02, 11 52 56 AM


Photo Jun 02, 11 52 47 AM.png

“String along”

It may sound stupid but I love creating mini scenarios in my head when I do this. One of the reasons I love creating sets in polyvore is because I feel like I’m creating a character, reason why I started adding pictures to my sets (I didn’t do that before)

Most of the times the titles are references to songs or lyrics that I’m hearing at the moment.

Hope you liked it, see ya!

WEB SERIES: Call Me Katie

Photo May 31, 5 06 00 PM

Time to talk about one of my favorite things in the universe again, LITERARY WEB SERIES! YAY!

Since “Green Gables Fables” ended I had no more web series to watch, So on sunday because I was dying of boredom to the point of thinking about watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries again I discovered this web series called “Call Me Katie”, an adaptation of The Taming of The Shrew by William Shakespeare. I read this play when I was really young because I was in love with the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I already knew about this series actually but it never really called my attention until now.

First of all, I know The Taming of The Shrew has a lot of sexism discussion and Call Me Katie dealt with it extraordinarily and with amazing humor. The web series has 50 video, we have Katie Minola (Katherina Minola) who is a feminist that doesn’t like being called Kate and Peter Glover (Petruchio) who is the kind of guy who would ask why it’s called feminism if it’s equality and why not humanitarianism, which is a word that has its own movement, or equalitarism (he actually says this)

Anyway the adaptation goes more or less like this: Bianca wants to date, she even has three guys who like her but her mom has an explicit rule, Bianca dates if Katie has a boyfriend and Katie “hates” boys because of the patriarchy (or something like that but I’m sure patriarchy is involved) On the other side, George Bates and George Gleeson are best friends. Bates likes Bianca and their new friend Luke who just changed schools likes her too. Harry, another friend, also likes her so they decide to pay Peter Glover, who hates Katie, to date Bianca’s sister so Bianca can go out with one of them… and it goes on from that.

Call Me Katie discusses a lot of really important subjects like sexuality, feminism and sexual abuse. I think it’s a great web series. There was a moment where I was not even paying attention if they followed Shakespeare’s plot or not because I really got into it. What I really liked about it is that their characters are not perfect. From the beginning I knew Peter was kind of problematic because of his way of thinking, he meant well though. But Katie who I loved since the beginning was also flawed. Bianca who is portrayed as the perfect smart and beautiful girl has also made mistakes, I like the fact that they all have flaws and nobody is perfect.

The dynamic of the web serie reminded me a lot of Nothing Much to Do (NMTD) and you know, or not if you didn’t read my posts, that NMTD is my favorite web serie ever. I’m really happy I found this one but I’m really sad I ended it. There were moments where I would be in my bed alone laughing out loud, it’s really funny, sadly it was quite short.

If you want to know more about Literary Web Series read my post here!

See ya!