Sets from June

Hello WordPress! Long time no read. Right now I’m standing in the land of the free (I’ve been listening to Hamilton a lot lately)  because luckily and at the same time maybe not, I’m on vacations. Luckily because I have more time to write and maybe not because I’m on a trip and it might get complicated to get around a computer and write while going to the beach or other places. However I have free time now so I decided yo upload my polyvore sets from June. Hope you guys like them, they’re a lot!

“My deer”

“The travel club”


This one was inspired in America Chavez from the Young Avengers. A. K. A. one of my favorite marvel characters

“Harry’s swap”

This one was based on Harry Potter, a sort of Harry Potter gender swap.

“And now”

“Our deal”

“Home alone”

“Go your way”

“I was not magnificent”

“Know me well”

“Mystic nature walk”

“Close to the river”

“Nobody asked me”

“Moved away”

“The study of stars”

“Spirits out”

“Night fairygirl”

“I only see above”

“Guilty one”

“Day in”


“Somewhere in vacations”

“Small town babe”


“Hiding house”

“Alone but satisfied”

“Something about you”

“Long walk home”

“Running with flowers”

“Life goes by”

“Morning feast”


“Day outside”

“Freedom of soul”

“Evening breeze”

“The new place”

“What you don’t do”

“Sunny afternoon”

“Hello again”

“Fairies night”

“Wish me good night”


“Slytherin #2”

Inspired in the hogwarts house. Is #2 because I did one of these before.


“Gryffindor #2”


“Ravenclaw #2”


“Hufflepuff #2”

My hooooouse

Hope you liked it!

See ya!



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