Soul mates

There was a sort of poem I found the other day on tumblr that got me thinking about soul mates. I’m going to write it down in case you can’t see it in the picture

What’s a soul mate?

Well it’s like a best friend

but more. It’s the one

person in the world that

knows you better than

anyone else. It’s someone

who makes you a better

person. Actually they don’t

make you a better person

you do that yourself.

Because they inspire you.

A soul mate is someone who

you carry with you

forever. It’s the one

person who knew you and

accepted you and believed

in you before anyone else

did. Or when no one else

would. And no matter

what happens, you will

have them. Nothing

can ever change that.

I couldn’t find who wrote it so if you know let me know so I give them credit.

The reason I started thinking about it was because I was discussing with myself about friendship and about how I would love to have one of those people books and movies describe. The type of friendship that is so strong that you can feel what the other is thinking and you can communicate with just one look. The kind of friendship where you understand how the other one is and you accept it, you protect them and you cherish them. That type of friendship where you would literally die for that person.

The first thing that came to my mind after imagining this friendship was “soul mate”. But soul mate is something we use to refer to lovers. Why can’t I use it for a friend, a sibling, a cousin? Can I love someone romantically and then have a soul mate? (Maybe in the right situation sometimes it can be both).

I always think we tend to romanticize a lot of things that don’t need romance. I already talked about this here but I have this idea that romantic love is not everything. That family love, friendship love and other kinds are as important as the romantic one.

Anyway this are just some thoughts that came to my mind when I saw that tumblr post. You can comment your opinion I’d be really interested in reading it 🙂

See ya!


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