My first baby

This is Mia. She has 4 years old. She’s my first baby, my first real pet, my oldest cat but the smallest since the youngest one is really big and fat (who doesn’t love fat kitties) Mia is my Halloween cat (like I always say because of her colors) She’s also unique, soft, cute, loving and funny.

Two days ago she passed away. We were having dinner after a long day in Disneyworld (I will write about it later) when the girl who was taking care of my two cats back in my country asked me to call her as soon as possible. Because I’m shy and a mess I told my mother to talk to her so while she was speaking with the girl I saw my mom’s expression change into different ones. I started imagining all kind of things like one of my cats running away, or one of them ending up pregnant (okay this was not so bad and I imagined this since there were other cats there too) but then my mom while still listening on the phone looked at me and my sister and whispered “Mia died”

I know it’s stupid to write like this about my cat. And I also know it’s not. What I mean is it’s totally okay to feel the way I feel but I don’t know if it’s  weird or not to get deeply emotional and profound and start writing about it. I’m going keep writing though because if it’s weird then I’m fine with it and if it’s not then good because I was going to keep writing about it.

I never had a pet who died before. Not of my own. My younger sister had hamsters who died and sure it was sad because I’m an animal person I hate to see animals suffer and if I had the strength I would be totally vegetarian or vegan. I try to use cruelty free products, I adopted all of my animals, I cry when animals die in the movies or are left alone, I get mad when there’s someone using a fur coat, I pet all of the dogs I see and I love when cats come near me.

I also was there when my grandma lost her husky dog who I knew since I was a baby and I suffered the lost but never as much as my grandma who loved that dog as if it was her own child. Mia was mine, sure she was my sister’s too and my mom’s and why not my mom’s boyfriend who Mia was very fond of, she used to be on his lap every time he would sit down on the coach.

What I mean is I picked her. We were in my grandpa’s farm and they were always abandoned dogs and kitties who used to be around there. I remember telling my sister “The first animal I see that is not a cow, a chicken or a pig I’m taking it home” As soon as I put my feet on the ground I saw a kitten up in a rock. She was so different and unique that I screamed and grabbed her and after a few phone calls my mom let me have her.

I never would have imagine that with only four years old this little animal would be gone. “Mia died” still sounds in my head reminding me that she’s not longer with us. That I will no longer say I have two cats, that I will no longer grab her or taker her down of the table or that she will no longer be at my feet purring.

I wanted to share how I was feeling since I needed to write it down to understand it. The feeling is so strange. I know is nobody’s fault, she had a heart condition that vets were not able to diagnose, I also know Mia was quite different from other cats, she never grew up much, she was really small and thin even though she ate as much as the other one. However I feel sad and responsible and I don’t know why. Maybe because she was mine and I was supposed to be there. At the same time I’m glad I wasn’t when it happened because that would have been an image that I was not going to be able to take away.


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