I’m back!

I just arrived from Miami and I’m back home, freezing myself to death. I wanted to keep writing after my last post while being on my trip but my sister found out about my blog and I had to stop.

What’s wrong with her founding out? Well, the thing is my blog is sort of my secret. Yeah, I know I’m really bad at keeping secrets, I always wrote in front of my family but they never seemed to notice and when they saw me they would ask me if I was doing homework or some paper so I said yes, plus they don’t know english but my sister does, she saw me writing about the cat and started wandering so I told her. No big deal though, she didn’t say anything and she dropped the subject.

My trip was amazing and definitely something I needed to do to come back home with a little more energy. Highlight was definitely Disney and Universal (which I will talk about it later) because after that we took it easy in Miami. We did a lot of shopping since the clothes in USA is a lot more cheaper. My older cat dying was obviously a downer but I’m better now.

Anyway, I’m back and ready to keep up with this blog!

See ya (like really really soon)


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