Some book moments that made me go “nope”

Hey people, how’s it going? I hope you’re all well and healthy. Today I bring you another list of things about me and this time is about books. The moments in books I read that made me want to close the book and throw it through the window like Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook.


Admit it, if you’re a current reader, you felt identified with this scene. I know I did. This is not a post about moments that I didn’t like but more like moments that were too much to handle. let’s get into it.

WARNING: beware of the spoilers!

  • Jay Gatsby’s death/ The Great Gatsby

When I look back at this book I don’t feel sorry about his death, it’s not a book I became emotionally attached to but I will admit that when I first read it I was really frustrated for the reasons he died. I hate when bad things happen for stupid misunderstandings. To me, at 15/16 years old it was really unexpected, I think it was about the realism that this death provided. I was so used to happy endings and flowers and rainbows or idealistic futures like the one Gatsby had that his death was like if someone had thrown a glass of cold water at me.

  • Augustus Waters’ cancer / The Fault in Our Stars

That moment when everything is perfect and suddenly Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer was back and I wanted to literally throw the book through the window. I read this book pretty early so I had the good luck of not spoiling myself. Around when the movie was coming out it was impossible to enter to a social network without spoiling yourself that he was going to die, I mean, even the movie trailer made it really obvious. This is why Augustus death was a surprise to me. I mean, I knew someone was going to die I just expected it to be Hazel and not him.

  • Peeta’s hate towards Katniss / Mockingjay (The Hunger Games trilogy)

Peeta Mellark is one of my favorite characters from The Hunger Games so of course I suffered a lot when he was kidnapped and tortured. And just when he was back, relatively safe with Katniss who was coming around with her feelings, he went psycho and tried to kill her with his bare hands.

  • Finnick’s death / Mockingjay (The Hunger Games trilogy)

Finnick my ultimate hunger games favorite character had me so emotional, he got married with the woman he loved, Annie was pregnant and then boom, Finnick dead. His death was so fast and sudden that I had to go back and read it again because I was not sure those creatures actually killed him. Not to mention I didn’t even understand his death until I saw it on the movie, all I know is that with some few describing words this character was gone. I literally stopped reading the book for like 4 days in protest of what happened.

  • Snape killing Dumbledore / Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Even if it was part of a secret Dumbledore and Snape had and that Dumbledore was going to die anyways I suffered a lot when he killed the guy. First of all because I was trying to like Snape and second of all because WHO KILLS DUMBLEDORE?!? HE IS SO MAJESTIC. YOU JUST DON’T KILL HIM. Besides, Dumbledore’s death was one of the few Harry Potter’s death I didn’t know it was going to happen when I started reading the books.

  • Cinder is actually the lost princess Selene / Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)

Yeah this made me go all “Nope” but not for the reason you might be thinking. It’s because it was so obvious!!! From the moment a baby supposedly dead was mentioned I had the feeling we were talking about Cinder whose past was all blurry and mysterious. She was a cyborg girl and the baby was supposedly killed in a fire, coincidence? I think not. Then when Kay says he was looking for her I instantly knew it was Cinder. I mean who else could be the lost princess of the exact same age Cinder is?

  • Jace and Clary are siblings / City Of Bones (The Mortal Instruments)

I’m going to be honest with you I haven’t read all the books from this series because… well for many reasons I don’t feel like sharing right here right now. All though I got into this book knowing that Jace and Clary were brother and sister I didn’t know they were going to form a romantic relationship before. So when they found out that “apparently” they were siblings I was like


I’m so sorry, every time I say or read “Whaaat” I imagine Thomas Jefferson now.

  • Alaska’s death / Looking for Alaska

This is becoming a character’s death post. So when I started reading Looking for Alaska, I didn’t notice the “before” and “after” thing. When Pudge was looking for Alaska (lol, the title) to go to the school assembly and didn’t find her I started understanding that before and after meant before and after Alaska died. Though I knew something bad was going to happen in this book since John Green is the author I didn’t expect Alaska to die! It was really cliché in my opinion. Or maybe not cliché but after reading The Fault in Our Stars I thought “Come on he’s not going to kill another love interest”… but yeah he did.

  • Katniss returning to the games / Catching Fire (The Hunger Games trilogy)

When I found out she and Peeta were going back to the games I was like nope, nopity nope. I didn’t want to for various reasons but mostly because I had the feeling it was going to be a bit boring going through it again.

  • Wolf being part of the bad guys / Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles)

I should have known, after all Scarlet resembles the story of The Little Red Riding Hood, but I was shocked anyway because the story also kind of reflects in The Beauty and the Beast and Wolf seemed so sincere and he seemed to really care for Scarlet. Of course he does but at the moment when I read he was part of the bad guys I was like “NOOO”

  • Theodore Finch / All the Bright Places

Oh man I hated this book. I hated because part of me loved it but I just couldn’t with it. I promised myself that I would try to stay away from YA novels like this. It was because after thinking about it I came to realize that the only reason I liked John Green books, for example, was because they were popular. I loved Looking For Alaska but The Fault in Our Stars? I think it was the hype of the moment. I really digged the theme of the story though, the more profound part. I like books that make me sad but why suffer so much when you have better things to read? Anyway, immediately after I promised to myself this, I found this book. the description said “The Fault in Our Stars meets Eleanor and Park” everything on it screamed don’t buy it! Well I did and I loved it but I also hated because when Violet found Finch dead in the lake I literally threw the book (Okay and then I run to the end of the bed to pick it up and keep reading.)

Also, for a weird reason I felt like I shouldn’t like Finch but I did and it made me feel weird.

  • Delphi is Voldemort’s child / Harry Potter and The Cursed Child


There are more (specially with Harry Potter haha) But I’m gonna leave it up to here for the moment.

See ya!






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