One of those who doesn’t like to grow up

So I feel like I have to start this by saying that I know nobody it’s going to read me and its fine by me. I’m doing this for me (I think?) The second important thing I have to say just in case, by chance, someone does read me is that my English writing might suck. I’m from a country where we speak Spanish and though I learned English from school my writing wasn’t the best. When I say it wasn’t the best I mean most of the time they told me to rewrite my papers. So this is not just to empty my mind and issues and interests here but also to practice a bit.

A little fact you should know about me is that I tend to over analyze things. I always want to know the reason behind doing something or behaving in a certain way or simply being they way someone is, mostly about my life. I’m always trying to find explanations and excuses to understand why I am the way I am. Why I’m giving you this piece of information about me? Well because that’s the reason I like to write and why I’m doing this.

As for the name, well when I was young I was obsessed with Peter Pan and Neverland and pixie dust and when I say “when I was young” I mean I have not yet got over it apparently. But yeah I have a thing for fantasy and I guess it’s because I grew up creating fantasy worlds in my mind to avoid reality of things around me. I still do even if I’m 20. It’s not like I believe in fairies or that sort 0f thing (though I’m not going to say they don’t exist because I don’t want them to die.) I used to when I was younger. Fairies, witches, gnomes, ghosts, ugh I hate ghosts. I guess it’s not that I don’t believe but you can’t be 20 and go around saying fairies and mermaids exist because “Dear God! Aren’t you a bit old to be talking nonsense?”

So that’s why “Neverland Club.”  It’s my own club with only one member, that being me… that sounded lame, where I can talk about whatever shit my mind is thinking and not be judge by it.