Sets from September

Hello spooky friends, I’m back with another set of sets…lol. Anyway, I hope you guys like them. They’re not so much.


“Autumn feeling”


“Into the quiet”


“When it get warm”


“about that”


“As bad as I can get”

That’s that, they’re not so many but really liked them personally.

see ya!


Sets from August

I’m back with another post of sets! Hope you like them 🙂


“A new day”


“Sunflower Child”




“Humming under the stars”


“Simple summer”




“Natural kind”


“Beauty day”


“Night memoirs”

That’s all for August, see ya next post!

Sets from June

Hello WordPress! Long time no read. Right now I’m standing in the land of the free (I’ve been listening to Hamilton a lot lately)  because luckily and at the same time maybe not, I’m on vacations. Luckily because I have more time to write and maybe not because I’m on a trip and it might get complicated to get around a computer and write while going to the beach or other places. However I have free time now so I decided yo upload my polyvore sets from June. Hope you guys like them, they’re a lot!

“My deer”

“The travel club”


This one was inspired in America Chavez from the Young Avengers. A. K. A. one of my favorite marvel characters

“Harry’s swap”

This one was based on Harry Potter, a sort of Harry Potter gender swap.

“And now”

“Our deal”

“Home alone”

“Go your way”

“I was not magnificent”

“Know me well”

“Mystic nature walk”

“Close to the river”

“Nobody asked me”

“Moved away”

“The study of stars”

“Spirits out”

“Night fairygirl” Continue reading “Sets from June”

Sets from May

Like I said a long post ago, probably you don’t remember, didn’t read it or I didn’t even said it, I have a Polyvore account. For those who are staring at my post asking to themselves “what the hell is a polyvore?” Is a fashion site that let’s you create your own sets of clothes, you can also create artistic sets or home sets, meaning it doesn’t have to be clothes only. It’s more of a design thing.

I had my polyvore account for a while now and I love doing sets there so I decided to start a monthly post about the sets I do per month. I’m a bit obsessive so I usually do one per day if I have time… usually I have because I’m a lazy person.

Anyway my user is constellvtion if you want to see more of the sets I made (I make a lot)

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 52 AM

“Be Gentle”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 46 AM

“A world where roses bloom”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 38 AM

“Following pixies”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 35 AM

“Listening Magic”

I did this one because I was hearing the harry potter audiobook which let me tell you it’s amazing.

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 32 AM

“keep breathing”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 29 AM.png

“A starful spring night”

I’m not even sure “starful” exists so yeah i just created a new word.Photo Jun 02, 11 53 26 AM

“Sweet dreams”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 21 AM.png

“That eccentric lady”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 17 AM


Photo Jun 02, 11 53 14 AM


Photo Jun 02, 11 53 11 AM

“The blower’s daughter”

Photo Jun 02, 11 53 08 AM

“Okay feelings”

Photo Jun 02, 11 52 59 AM


Photo Jun 02, 11 52 56 AM


Photo Jun 02, 11 52 47 AM.png

“String along”

It may sound stupid but I love creating mini scenarios in my head when I do this. One of the reasons I love creating sets in polyvore is because I feel like I’m creating a character, reason why I started adding pictures to my sets (I didn’t do that before)

Most of the times the titles are references to songs or lyrics that I’m hearing at the moment.

Hope you liked it, see ya!