(Sort of) REVIEW: Batman v Superman 


If you haven’t figured out yet I like to make opinions. Part of the reasons I made my blog was because I like to express my thoughts a lot even though I don’t express them aloud with friends or people I know.

I didn’t want to express my thoughts about the movie because though I’m a big fan of DC movies (or batman movies really) in a cinematography way I’m not much of an expert in the comics and I feel that if I said something people were going to judge me because I was in no right to say it if I didn’t read the comics, believe, it happens. But this is my blog so I decided why not?

So when I went to watch the movie everybody was saying it sucked and the critics were pretty harsh. I only read a few tweets saying it was amazing and that I shouldn’t listen to the critics. Sadly for me I pay a lot of attention to the critics and I wasn’t so sure about this movie like I was when I first heard of it.

I loved it. In my opinion the movie was amazing. But I do understand why people wouldn’t “dig” it. I heard the guys behind me in the cinema saying how they almost felt asleep and the people in front of me left! I thought it was incredible. So I’m going to first talk about the things I liked and the things I didn’t.

The first thing I want to point out is the soundtrack. Oh god. The soundtrack was so incredible. It made the movie so artistic. Seriously, Hans Zimmer made the movie look like a piece of art with the OST.

Another great thing was Ben Affleck. Without reading the comics when I found out Ben was going to play Bruce Wayne I didn’t like it very much because I liked Christian Bale. But after consulting with some friends who like DC they told me that though they liked Bale’s batman, Affleck looked more accurately like Bruce Wayne so I opened my mind and said “Okay, I’m not going to judge until I see him” After that I started having faith in him and he didn’t fail. Ben was amazing. I don’t know if it was accurate but I loved it.

Superman?! I’m not a big fan of superman I don’t know why but I actually liked him a lot in the movie. Another character I loved was Wonder Woman. Actually it was the main reason why I was excited for this movie. I didn’t care for Superman and Batman fighting all I wanted was to see Diana Prince. Gal Gadot was wonderful (got it?)  and her theme song was so good!

Now, what I didn’t like? Well, first of all the reason why Superman and Batman were fighting. It was a little stupid and though it unleashed what I thought was a good fight scene the reasons where just not enough to back up what the characters felt about each other. Maybe that’s a part of the comics I don’t know, they said this movie was for the DC comics fans maybe they understood Batman’s rage towards Superman but I didn’t.

Actually that’s that. That’s the only thing I didn’t really like. The reason I believe I understand why some people might have not liked it was because I don’t know about the people who saw it but there were some moments of the movie where I would stop and think “Wait… what’s going on?” I didn’t understand some parts or the need of some scenes that maybe the fans did. That dream scene of Bruce was ¿¿?? I know there was supposed to be some Robin (Jason Todd) easter egg or reference, was that it? Was it something else? I don’t know.

I liked Aquaman because I love Jason Momoa and I was so excited for Ezra Miller’s Flash but it didn’t convince me? Maybe because I’m used to Grant Gustin’s Flash and seeing Ezra seemed a little off. Apart from that I thought the movie was on point.

Also Amy Adams was stunning and I loved Jeremy Irons’ Alfred a lot.

I’m really excited for this DC movies new era, hopefully I can get into some comics (I only read the Harley Quinn ones so far.)

See ya!

PS: I chose that picture because superbat is so shippable with a picture like that. It’s raining, they’re looking at each other, Superman has a hand on Batman’s chest… so romantic. It looks like they’re about to kiss! Loved it.
PS 2: I updated this and now I know that the person in the dream sequence is Barry! The robin reference was the suit with the ha ha’s written on it.