TV SHOW: Marvel’s The Defenders Teaser

Last Tuesday we were lucky enough to come by a little short teaser disguised as an elevator camera footage showing us the four heroes from Hell’s Kitchen (Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand). Even though the video was rather short for my taste, I can’t complain over my excitement after watching this four characters finally in the same space.

Jessica, Luke, Matt (who is not very good at hiding his identity to be honest) and Danny enter the elevator and wait while Jessica spots the camera and breaks it.

But there’s more to it. On the right corner we can see a date of release and on the upper left corner the numbers that if you write them on the browser it directs you to the New York Bulletin, Daredevil’s Karen Page (and Ben Urich on the first season) place of work.

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-07 a las 18.59.10.png

But what interests more about this page are the covers archive were we can see some news that apparently viewers missed.

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REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast


YAY! I made it, I watched Beauty and the Beast and I’m… I don’t know exactly how I’m feeling but I hope writing this will help me.

Okay so, if you don’t know about it, I’m a huge, huuuuge Disney fan. Imagine the type of fan who doesn’t live in a country with a Disney park on it and somehow still manages to go once a year. That’s me. I’m not your average ‘Omg, I love Disney movies too!’ type of fan, no. I’m more like “I want to buy Disney posters and fill my house with them”.

Beauty and the Beast has a special meaning for me, thanks to it I learned how to read. I used to have this little plastic book with illustrations of the movie and a cassette. I would put the cassette and follow the narrators words. I even remember the sound it made every time I had to turn the page. Cute memories. There’s also the fact that I think it is one of the best Disney animated movies ever made and the soundtrack… Oh, God. Don’t even make me start on the soundtrack because this will end up being a long, long post.

So, I was delighted by the beautiful cast the movie had. Ever since they said Emma Watson was going to be Belle, I knew she was perfect for the role. I had a lot of people telling me they didn’t picture her at all which struck me as odd because all I could see in her was Belle potential. I never really seen anything with Dan Stevens (the Beast) on it apart from the new fox tv show “Legion” I have yet to watch but I was delighted by his performance in the movie, though sometimes it was a little difficult to analyse because I was not really seeing him.  Luke Evans made such a great interpretation of Gaston, I was so charmed by him and angry, just like I always was everytime I saw Gaston in the animated movie.


Josh Gad and Lefou presented a little more of a challenge. When Disney said that Beauty and the Beast was going to be the first movie to introduce a gay character and that this character was going to be none other than the villain’s silly sidekick I was a little bit unsure that it was the right way to introduce LGBT characters into Disney films. Not only Lefou was on the bad side of the story, making him one of the villains but also because his name literally means “The fool”, and I don’t know about you folks but I found it quite displeasing. I think everyone had their insecurities about the subject. But (and a strong “but”) after watching the movie I think it was amazing. I think my favorite part of the movie was a scene featuring Lefou, I was so surprised by how well they managed to save that. Josh Gad is really incredible and I’m really glad Lefou got his happy ending.

I don’t need to say anything about Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, Kevin Kline, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw or Audra McDonald because some of these are in my list of favorite actors. I think they were an amazing cast so I should mention Lucy Bevan in charge of the casting, I thought her job was done wonderfully.


Of course that being a hella passionate Disney fan means that I’m a little bit critical. In this case not that much. My complain was that they didn’t include “Human Again” and instead wrote an original song that carried the same message. I didn’t expect for the song to be included since it was also cut from the animated version. However I thought they could have done a lot of creative scenarios with it. Sadly, they didn’t.


My second complaint was perhaps the book the beast shows to Belle where they then proceed to travel to a small place in Paris where she was born. Even though I loved the fact that they told us  more about Belle I thought it was a little too much magic for me. I know it’s a fairytale and more magical things are shown, however I think we didn’t need another scene to add to the whole magic aspect of the movie.

I’m not even going to deepen in the way they played with Emma Watson’s voice and how auto-tuned it was. Instead I’m going to say I was glad this movie had a sort of musical vibe, they added more songs giving the film a Broadway adaptation style. My final little complaint was the dress. Belle’s dress was… I don’t know how to put it but… meh? It was as if Disney was making it easier for the people in charge of making Disney Store’s dresses.


In general, Disney delivered a great adaptation much more developed and deepened than Cinderella. I know, I don’t like to compare either but it’s inevitable even though I personally loved Cinderella’s movie.

What about you? Have you seen the movie? Which Disney movie do you think should have a live action adaptation?

Hope we read each other soon!

PS: I have this other post where I talk about some facts about the original Beauty and the Beast movie, it’s pretty interesting! check it out if you feel like it 🙂

My favorites for Halloween!

When you want to make a big deal of Halloween but in your country is no big deal at all what’s left for someone to do, besides finding a club that benefits from people dying to dress up for the 31th, is watch movies. Specially if you’re not big on going to parties like me.

Even though I went to a Halloween party this weekend with my friends dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo (we did group costume) I have to admit that I wish something else could be done to make the evening more spooky. So of course today, Halloween day, I’m going to try to do a marathon of my favorite things to watch at this time of the year before my christmas hype starts. Let’s get going!

  • Hocus Pocus (1993)


This is a classic. My favorite Halloween movie is obviously a Disney one. In fact I think I got into the Halloween culture because of Disney. When I was young I used to watch Disney Channel a lot and during October the Halloween specials would be on and I think that’s how I got my spooky on. Anyway witches are always a good way to go and if you add  a talking black cat who turns out to be a cute ghost and the fact that it was directed by Kenny Ortega: Perfect.

  • Psycho (1960)


This is probably the only horror movie I can watch. To be honest I’m not big on scary movies so you will probably see a lot of kids/family stuff here. However I always loved Psycho. I don’t know what’s about it but it doesn’t scare me at all and at the same time it does. The fact that it’s a black and white classic takes away the scariness  part for me but also the fact that Norman is not a supernatural creature but a real human being with real mental issues makes the thing even more creepy because it’s more realistic, it’s something that could actually happen which I think is more scarier that whatever movie with ghosts or demons could show you. I also think my love for this movie grew a lot after watching Bates Motel (the tv show) It’s honestly so good!

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949)


Somehow I believe it’s not Halloween if I haven’t watch this Disney short about the headless horseman. It’s a classic and a must for me at this time of the year. I remember I used to have it on VHS with a compilation of other Disney spooky short films. This one particularly used to scare me to death when I was little, something about a dude without a head totally put me off haha.

  • Dracula (1992)


I remember I was always so scared of watching this movie because of Gary Oldman’s old look, with the white wig. At the same time it was so funny to see him with the long red cape walking through the walls, I remember the scenes when Jonathan Harker was in Dracula’s castle and they still make me laugh. Anyway Dracula is a horror classic. One of the main scary creatures and I kind of like this version of Bram Stocker’s novel.

  • The Craft (1996)


I remember I watched The Craft for the first time one Halloween. It was scary. Maybe I get scared easily but I kind of got creeped out by Nancy. Plus the movie gave me so many inspirational looks. Those 90’s outfits were amazing!

  • Beetlejuice (1988)

beetlejuice wp.jpg

Such a weird movie, I used to be obsessed with it because the receptionist had a Miss Argentina tag. I also think it’s perfect to get in the Halloween mood. I heard there’s going to be a second one!

  • The Addams Family (1991)


It’s not Halloween without my favorite spooky family!! I was a big fan of the show I remember I used to watch it on Nick At Night!

  • Halloweentown (1998)


A Disney classic I always loved to watch on tv. Because of this movie I began to wish to be a witch too.

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

the nigthmare before christmas.png

Last but not least I think this one is a must. I love to watch it exactly on Halloween because it’s a great transition movie from october and Halloween to november/december and Christmas. The music is A+, I have it playing all of october.

I know there are a lot more creepy and spooky movies to watch for Halloween so if you watch others tell me about it in the comments if you feel like it! I actually have a larger list on my movies but I think these ones are the ones I always get around watching.

I hope you had a great Halloween! See ya!

WEB SERIES: Call Me Katie

Photo May 31, 5 06 00 PM

Time to talk about one of my favorite things in the universe again, LITERARY WEB SERIES! YAY!

Since “Green Gables Fables” ended I had no more web series to watch, So on sunday because I was dying of boredom to the point of thinking about watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries again I discovered this web series called “Call Me Katie”, an adaptation of The Taming of The Shrew by William Shakespeare. I read this play when I was really young because I was in love with the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I already knew about this series actually but it never really called my attention until now.

First of all, I know The Taming of The Shrew has a lot of sexism discussion and Call Me Katie dealt with it extraordinarily and with amazing humor. The web series has 50 video, we have Katie Minola (Katherina Minola) who is a feminist that doesn’t like being called Kate and Peter Glover (Petruchio) who is the kind of guy who would ask why it’s called feminism if it’s equality and why not humanitarianism, which is a word that has its own movement, or equalitarism (he actually says this)

Anyway the adaptation goes more or less like this: Bianca wants to date, she even has three guys who like her but her mom has an explicit rule, Bianca dates if Katie has a boyfriend and Katie “hates” boys because of the patriarchy (or something like that but I’m sure patriarchy is involved) On the other side, George Bates and George Gleeson are best friends. Bates likes Bianca and their new friend Luke who just changed schools likes her too. Harry, another friend, also likes her so they decide to pay Peter Glover, who hates Katie, to date Bianca’s sister so Bianca can go out with one of them… and it goes on from that.

Call Me Katie discusses a lot of really important subjects like sexuality, feminism and sexual abuse. I think it’s a great web series. There was a moment where I was not even paying attention if they followed Shakespeare’s plot or not because I really got into it. What I really liked about it is that their characters are not perfect. From the beginning I knew Peter was kind of problematic because of his way of thinking, he meant well though. But Katie who I loved since the beginning was also flawed. Bianca who is portrayed as the perfect smart and beautiful girl has also made mistakes, I like the fact that they all have flaws and nobody is perfect.

The dynamic of the web serie reminded me a lot of Nothing Much to Do (NMTD) and you know, or not if you didn’t read my posts, that NMTD is my favorite web serie ever. I’m really happy I found this one but I’m really sad I ended it. There were moments where I would be in my bed alone laughing out loud, it’s really funny, sadly it was quite short.

If you want to know more about Literary Web Series read my post here!

See ya!

Let’s talk about Civil War

Photo May 10, 5 11 23 PM

I might drop some spoilers so you’ve been warned! 

I remember mentioning I was a really big fan of Marvel so if you were expecting I wouldn’t talk about one of the most anticipated movies for me this year, you were wrong, I’m sorry!

I saw Captain America Civil War last week and because I’m obsessed with Marvel I went a second day the day after I watched it for the first time. Even though I know what you’re thinking (you crazy) it was useful because it gave me a new look about it.

So basically after Avengers Age of Ultron what became most important for me in terms of Marvel movies was this release. And when I talk about how excited I was to see it what I mean is that I was not ready (not when they announced it, nor when the trailer came out or when I saw it) I did not want to see Tony and Steve fight, I didn’t want anyone to die, I was going to suffer and I was not ready for that but I wanted to see the movie anyway because I guess that’s the thing about being a fangirl, you suffer but you’re okay with it.

One of the things that comes to my mind on the early stages of this movie when it was still in development was if it was going to be like the comics. For those who don’t know, the reason this was going to be a major event in the Marvel cinematic universe was not only because the Avengers would split in two and the main Marvel characters would go against each other but because at the end, Captain America dies, so yeah I was not ready for that! Even though Cap is not my favorite, in the movies he gained a lot of points for being portrayed by Chris Evans who is honestly a golden retriever puppy.

But Steve didn’t die so let’s talk about the movie and what I think about it.

So after reading the paragraphs above I hope you can imagine my excitement and the expectations, plus like I said in the sort of review I did of Batman vs Superman I pay a lot of attention to the reviews of the movies and Civil War killed it! (Entertainment Weekly gave the movie an A-) Everyone was saying this was Marvel’s finest movie. All these things made me go with really, really high expectations and I think that’s why the first time I watched it I think I was a little bit disappointed.

First of all, I didn’t cry, which for me was weird (I even brought tissues, don’t judge). I love Steve and Tony’s friendship but the main problem in the MCU is that the movie was presented as a big fight between these two close friends (Tony and Steve) and I feel like in the movies we don’t get to see much of this friendship, I don’t think they had much time to develop it. I feel like Tony thinks Steve is betraying him but in the movies they weren’t that close as they are in the comics.

On the other hand I thought all the characters were generally great, Black Panther and Spider-Man made a wonderful debut and were simply one of the best parts of the movie. I was surprised because I though Peter Parker’s cameo in the movie was going to be shorter and it actually was pretty long, I had faith in Tom Holland as Spidey and he didn’t disappoint, he might be the most accurate Spider-Man out there. When T’Challa appeared dressed as Black Panther I was holding a scream, so badass and majestic. I didn’t even watched him for half an hour and I already knew that as soon as the movie came out next year I was going to be the first one to buy tickets.

I also loved Wanda and Vision’s interaction, I’m glad MCU is developing this relationship, it’s cute and I was going to be really mad if they didn’t. Ant-Man was also an incredible highlight, I already said this but I’m so thankful for Paul Rudd in MCU. Not only he was hilarious but we got to see Giant-Man! An underrated character was Falcon, he was probably the funniest and loyal one and I feel like Anthony Mackie never gets recognition about it.

The plot was marvelous (he, he), Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo was surprisingly good. I didn’t read much of Zemo in the comics but I’m a big fan of this actor (meaning I love him) and I thought it was a great villan, really smooth. Robert Downey Jr. did his best work as Tony Stark and overall everything was amazing. So why do I say I was a bit disappointed? Well, when the movie ended I had the feeling something was missing, like it was not complete.

Now these two things I’m going to mention might mean nothing to you but being a big fan of these two characters in the comics and the movies I was a bit pissed. At one point of the movie Black Widow literally disappears and doesn’t come back anymore. All of Clint Barton in the MCU is just… ugh, I try to like it but that family storyline they made for him is horrible, they could have done more with this amazing character, they could have included his brother or something else but no, they created something completely out of character for Hawkeye.

The fact that after Steve admits he knew about Tony’s parents death they proceed to fight and in one moment you can actually see Steve losing control had me like “Why are you mad for? You’re not the one who just finds out your friend is almost betraying you for the guy who killed your parents” And I don’t mean to diss on Bucky because he was amazing and I love the character and the storyline but c’mon Cap!

At the end of the movie, Steve sends Tony a letter apologizing. For me, in that point you can see how The Russo’s (directors) did a great work trying to show the characters (Tony and Steve) as not bad or good but both bad and good. In this letter Steve sends he says Tony can stay with the Avengers that after all he thinks they have always been his but… hum… Steve stays with almost all of the Avengers at the end of the movie so I’m like ¿¿?? (Insert confused meme here)

So when I came out of the movie the first time I was like “I loved it!” but on the “I loved it” Level how much did I actually loved it? Does it make sense? I hope it does. The second time watching it I was able to enjoy it more I guess because I came out of the movie with another perspective. I got more emotional with the final fight and even more when Steve walks away with Bucky. I still have all my opinions of the first time I watched it but somehow I was a little more up in the “I loved it” level. Also, I’m thankful nobody died.

In conclusion, the things I didn’t like can be considered personal opinions, as to the movie in general I think it really is Marvel’s finest, I totally recommend it!

See ya!


Shows I Stopped Watching (And Why)

watch tv shows

TV shows are life. Or at least they take a very important part in my life. I also suck at watching them. When they’re complete they’re the best thing ever, I could watch 7 seasons in one month (like I did with The X-Files) but when I have to follow the show watching one episode per week… I just suck at it. I end up falling behind.

Right now I’m in a sort of “viewer’s block” I can’t seem to catch up with any of the tv shows I’m watching… And I watch a lot. I thought maybe writing about the ones I stopped watching would make me want to get updated with the ones I do watch.

Horrible idea I know but I’m also bored and trying to get my mind off some things so I’m going to write about the tv shows I stopped watching and the reasons why I did.

A little warning: I’m really sorry if you watch any of these shows and don’t agree with me on my reasons. Keep in mind this is my opinion only. Secondly, beware of the spoilers.

1- The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries was probably the first TV series I watched in english, I was a freshman when it started. It was on my TV every thursday (I think) after Supernatural. By then I was a big fan of Twilight and vampires [shrinks] At first I was in love of the show but as I grew older the plot got so bad and in my opinion, after season 3, things just went down. There are a couple of things why I stopped liking the show.

First of all, Klaus was incredible and in some point he was my favorite character so when they took him and the originals family (who I thought were the most interesting character of the show) to another tv series I thought it was bad for TVD. It was as if they took the most interesting part of the show. Secondly, Delena. I don’t know why and probably everybody disagrees with me on this because Delena was The Ship of the show, I just didn’t like them. It was like too obvious Elena was going to get with Damon at some point (books aside) and I just felt sorry for Stefan. I really liked Stelena.

The way I see it, klaroline was one of the ships that was bringing the show back to life (meaning: keeping things a little bit interesting for me) and when they took Klaus away it’s like they ruined it. I didn’t watch much after that. I only got to the part where a bunch of doppelgängers of Elena and Stefan were around. The doppelgänger plot got so old with The Vampire Diaries, it was tiring. It was good at some point because Nina Dobrev showed how good of an actress she is, I thought she was amazing in those scenes with Elena’s Doppelgangers.

Wow, it gives me so much nostalgia to talk about The Vampire Diaries.

2- Pretty Little Liars

I remember saying “I would never watch PLL” because it was so famous among teenagers and every girl in my class watched it and it made me hate it for some reason. At some point I gave in and I thought it was good. But I was in season 4 and nobody knew who A was and I got annoyed and bored. Like at some point everybody was part of the A team apparently. Maybe I grew up while watching it or just reasoned but everything the girls did had no logic. Why didn’t you tell your parents in the first place?! I think it would have been a good show if it had less seasons.

3- Arrow

When Arrow started I had no idea it was from DC. After looking into it I decided to give it a try. First two seasons were really good. By then I shipped Olicity really hard though I knew Oliver and Laurel should be together since she was supposed to become Black Canary and all. When I got to season three (where the show currently was) I was so happy because Olicity was happening but as usual after the first two episodes I fall behind and failed to catch up.

The thing is I had a lot of spoilers with this show and every spoiler I saw made me less anxious to get to the current episode they were airing. For some reason I stopped shipping olicity because a lot of people were shipping it and made the ship look more important than the show. I do this often, when something becomes famous I stop liking it (Example: The Fault In Our Stars)

Also, the fan service of this show is terrible and the fact that [SPOILER] they killed Laurel is just… NOPE!

4- Glee

Glee was my life! Joke, but I was a crazy fan, I still listen to a lot of covers they made and basically loved every character. I believe the show should have ended after season 3. Season 4 was not bad but I just didn’t like the dynamic. After Cory died (cries forever) things got pretty aimless, like horribly bad. Sometimes characters disappeared all of a sudden and all the newbies they introduced where discarded like disposable cups after one season and I hated that. I get that they were part of Finn’s storyline but after his death it all was arranged horribly.

It kinda makes me sad, because of glee I’m a big fan of Lea Michele,  Dianna Agron and Darren Criss. I’m still a big fan of the cast. (specially of these three)

I got some tv shows on hiatus too, meaning, I don’t want to stop watching them and I still care about the characters but right now is not the moment, examples: Supernatural, Dawson’s Creek, Chuck, Shameless and The Fosters. Also, I thought about mentioning The Flash but I really only watched 10 episodes of season 1 so I don’t think it was like these shows were I really was interested at some point.




(Sort of) REVIEW: Batman v Superman 


If you haven’t figured out yet I like to make opinions. Part of the reasons I made my blog was because I like to express my thoughts a lot even though I don’t express them aloud with friends or people I know.

I didn’t want to express my thoughts about the movie because though I’m a big fan of DC movies (or batman movies really) in a cinematography way I’m not much of an expert in the comics and I feel that if I said something people were going to judge me because I was in no right to say it if I didn’t read the comics, believe, it happens. But this is my blog so I decided why not?

So when I went to watch the movie everybody was saying it sucked and the critics were pretty harsh. I only read a few tweets saying it was amazing and that I shouldn’t listen to the critics. Sadly for me I pay a lot of attention to the critics and I wasn’t so sure about this movie like I was when I first heard of it.

I loved it. In my opinion the movie was amazing. But I do understand why people wouldn’t “dig” it. I heard the guys behind me in the cinema saying how they almost felt asleep and the people in front of me left! I thought it was incredible. So I’m going to first talk about the things I liked and the things I didn’t.

The first thing I want to point out is the soundtrack. Oh god. The soundtrack was so incredible. It made the movie so artistic. Seriously, Hans Zimmer made the movie look like a piece of art with the OST.

Another great thing was Ben Affleck. Without reading the comics when I found out Ben was going to play Bruce Wayne I didn’t like it very much because I liked Christian Bale. But after consulting with some friends who like DC they told me that though they liked Bale’s batman, Affleck looked more accurately like Bruce Wayne so I opened my mind and said “Okay, I’m not going to judge until I see him” After that I started having faith in him and he didn’t fail. Ben was amazing. I don’t know if it was accurate but I loved it.

Superman?! I’m not a big fan of superman I don’t know why but I actually liked him a lot in the movie. Another character I loved was Wonder Woman. Actually it was the main reason why I was excited for this movie. I didn’t care for Superman and Batman fighting all I wanted was to see Diana Prince. Gal Gadot was wonderful (got it?)  and her theme song was so good!

Now, what I didn’t like? Well, first of all the reason why Superman and Batman were fighting. It was a little stupid and though it unleashed what I thought was a good fight scene the reasons where just not enough to back up what the characters felt about each other. Maybe that’s a part of the comics I don’t know, they said this movie was for the DC comics fans maybe they understood Batman’s rage towards Superman but I didn’t.

Actually that’s that. That’s the only thing I didn’t really like. The reason I believe I understand why some people might have not liked it was because I don’t know about the people who saw it but there were some moments of the movie where I would stop and think “Wait… what’s going on?” I didn’t understand some parts or the need of some scenes that maybe the fans did. That dream scene of Bruce was ¿¿?? I know there was supposed to be some Robin (Jason Todd) easter egg or reference, was that it? Was it something else? I don’t know.

I liked Aquaman because I love Jason Momoa and I was so excited for Ezra Miller’s Flash but it didn’t convince me? Maybe because I’m used to Grant Gustin’s Flash and seeing Ezra seemed a little off. Apart from that I thought the movie was on point.

Also Amy Adams was stunning and I loved Jeremy Irons’ Alfred a lot.

I’m really excited for this DC movies new era, hopefully I can get into some comics (I only read the Harley Quinn ones so far.)

See ya!

PS: I chose that picture because superbat is so shippable with a picture like that. It’s raining, they’re looking at each other, Superman has a hand on Batman’s chest… so romantic. It looks like they’re about to kiss! Loved it.
PS 2: I updated this and now I know that the person in the dream sequence is Barry! The robin reference was the suit with the ha ha’s written on it.