The Character Book Tag

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Chloe from (Over) Analysing Literature left this tag open and I thought it looked like fun so I’m gonna do it and hope I don’t end up rambling about the characters because I feel like a proud mom when I talk about them. Alright let’s do it!

In fair warning I haven’t been reading lately so my answers might have no sense or talk about old books I read.

1. Who is the most tough and awesome character?

Hmm… this is hard. I’m between Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen. Funny thing is these two protagonist are the ones which I had most trouble liking at first place but have to admit they’re awesome and tough.

Harry lost his family when he was a baby and had to go through all those years of abuse by the Dursleys. Then he got to hear how great his parents were and how they had been murdered by a dark wizard who seemed to be after him. When he founds Sirius, his godfather, he feels like he might have a  chance of having a family and then Sirius dies.

Harry went through a lot, I mean, he came back from the dead! And he did all this being just a kid. He’s pretty much awesome because he’s a great wizard even though he seemed to have no idea what he’s doing most of the time, he goes with whatever idea comes first and it always works. I don’t think I need more excuse,  he defeated Lord Voldemort when he was just a baby!

Katniss was used as a political symbol being just 17 years old, she started a revolution that change millions of lives… AND SHE WAS JUST 17! At 17 I was failing almost every subject of high school. Plus she did all that for her sister and in the end her sister dies…

2. Which character do you most dislike?

This is also hard… I have a feeling every question is going to be hard for me. I didn’t finish this series but Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments was a piece of sh*t.

3. If you could date a fictional character,whom would it be?

RICHARD GANSEY III… he, he. Or Blue Sargent, she’s the best. When I was young I had a major crush on Ponyboy from The Outsiders… or Mr. Knightley from Emma… I could go on.

4. If you could change a character in any way what would it be?

I don’t know, I guess that while reading I have a lot of comments towards the characters and their personalities but after I finished the books I just see the bigger picture rather than that aspect of their personality.

5.What character made all the wrong choices which didn’t add anything to the story?

Noah from I’ll Give You the Sun… I do get he was really young and had a lot on his shoulder so I don’t really blame him but he did make some bad decisions that could have been avoided.

I could also mention Macbeth here but his wrong choices added a lot to the story.

6. Which Character do you love to hate?

I guess I could go with Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Honorable mentions: Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, Joseph Kavinsky from The Dream Thieves, Don John from Much Ado About Nothing, Nick Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (I don’t know I just can’t get to like that character)…

7. Favorite sidekick character with the most heart.

Noah from The Raven Boys 🙂

I want to stop mentioning Harry Potter and that’s why I’m not saying Ron or Hermione.

8. What is your favorite fictional romantic relationship?

*Sweats because she wants to keep mentioning HP characters* Gansey and Blue from The Raven Boys, they’re so different yet you get the feeling they go well together. They know they’re not going to find what they’re looking for in each other but it doesn’t mean they can’t find it hand in hand.

Also: Scarlet and Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles, they’re so cute!!! Ronan and Adam from The Raven Cycle too.Chloe mentioned Gilbert and Anne from Anne of Green Gables and I absolutely agree. Beatrice and Benedick and yeah alright I’m sorry I have to… I love Ron and Hermione and Ginny and Harry.

9. Who do you think is the strongest character?

They’re a lot of characters that would enter in this area. I mean all the protagonists are usually really strong characters. I could mention Oliver Twist because he was just a kid and he went trough a lot but I read the book a long time ago (like 8 years ago) and I don’t remember that much of it.

10. Best protagonist?

I feel like Blue Sargent is the proper answer here. Usually it takes me a while to like the protagonist but I loved her from the first chapter (My precious feminist baby!). Also Lou Clark from Me Before You was a character I undoubtedly liked. Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower… It’s really difficult choosing one.

11. Whom do you tag?

Everyone! If you want to do it, do it. If you don’t, don’t. Your choice!



Civil War Trailer! (I’m dead)

Captain America Civil War second trailer is here and I thought it would be fun if I share my fangirl thoughts (not serious thoughts though because if I get serious here I’m going to start crying because everything seems so sad and awful)

OK! Let’s go.

They start naming us some cities the Avengers had destroyed by trying to save everyone. I always think of this, how does the economy in USA manage with all these city destruction?! But then again what do you expect if aliens invade our planet they can’t be like “Oh Cap be careful with that building, don’t touch that street sign…”

But then they show Sokovia…

Photo Mar 10, 7 03 46 PM

And my baby Wanda gets sad because she lost her home and her brother #PietroLives2k16.

Photo Mar 10, 7 04 14 PM

Photo Mar 10, 7 04 20 PM

And It’s nice to see that Steve notices because I know it’s probably nothing and Steve is just a good person but I like Wanda’s and Steve’s friendship in the comics and I don’t know this was nice.

So then blah, blah happens (and by that I mean important stuff). They show Bucky and then we get these dramatic looks every superheroe movie deserves.

It’s funny because I always joke about Civil War being a soap opera about Steve and Tony breaking up because Steve’s ex, Bucky, returns. This helps my case.

Look at this. This is real love

Photo Mar 10, 7 25 57 PM

Photo Mar 10, 7 27 09 PM

[“Can You Feel The Love Tonight” starts playing]

One of the reasons (of the 1000 reasons) I’m excited about this movie is T’Challa. Black Panther seems like a great addition to the mcu.

Photo Mar 10, 7 35 17 PM

Photo Mar 10, 7 35 23 PM

Here he seems to be going after Bucky while Cap runs after him (or with him?), the dream. huh?

Bucky seems to have the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude in this movie. Brainwash is a bitch. He seems unstable and confused af. My poor son. We also get to see this scene again. You know, the one everyone was so “omfg” and “Bucky has no chill” about it because it looked like he was about to shoot Tony in the face in the middle of the street, to keep the list of wrong impressions Tony is getting from  Bucky going (besides the fact that Bucky possibly killed his parents)

He seems to have another target though and Tony stops him with his cool technological thingy. He’s like “Dude! wtf!”

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This though I don’t know if he is the one who shoots Rhodey.

Photo Mar 10, 7 39 00 PM

WTF! Same, Tony, same

Photo Mar 10, 7 39 32 PM

I tell you something. If Rhodey dies in this one, I’ll riot.

Poor Tony, look at him, he looks broken. How could you Steve?! [Violins start playing]

Photo Mar 10, 7 39 43 PM

More dramatic looks here and there

Nat kicking some ass as usual.

Steve says to Tony that this doens’t have to end in a fight and Tonys’s like…

Photo Mar 10, 8 18 42 PM

“Fuck you, Steve”

Photo Mar 10, 8 18 56 PM

“Yes it fucking does, Steve. We’re getting payed for that”

Then Black Panther finally has his chance to fight Bucky. Yay!

Photo Mar 10, 8 19 26 PM

Photo Mar 10, 8 19 51 PM

Photo Mar 10, 8 19 19 PM

“Excuse me, I’m trying to beat the shit out of someone here”

More Natasha because she’s one of my favorite marvel characters ever and I lover her so much.

Then Marvel breaks wandavision even though it didn’t even started

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Is it just me or this part is super kinky? Just me? Oh well, kinky af!

Photo Mar 10, 8 44 35 PM

“Gimme all”

Then we get to see my son and favorite marvel character. Purple Arrow!

Photo Mar 10, 8 44 45 PM

I’m kidding I love hawkeye so much, he really is my favorite comic character but I don’t know how to feel about Jeremy Renner. I usually love the actors who portay the marvel characters but Renner is quite problematic. I try to like him, I really do. He portays Clint well though at least with what they give him (not to much)  I once read in tumblr that being a fan of  clint barton in the mcu was kind of like being the parent of the kid playing tree #3 in the school play. It’s true I hate what they do to Clint in the mcu but oh well…

This tiny friend!

I love Paul Rudd, I used to have a picture of him on my wall. I love that he got to be in the mcu. It made me love him even more. Poor Ant-Man he got called probably thinking they wanted him in the Avengers and now he’s in the middle of this.

Everyone here about to get it on (not in that kind of way we wish they would)

Photo Mar 10, 8 45 46 PM

And then… Tony gets tired of this shit and decides to go with plan B.

Photo Mar 10, 8 56 16 PM

And we all are like “who’s he calling, omg, so excited!”

Photo Mar 10, 8 56 22 PM

And here we lost our shit


Steve: What the shit? oh sorry, What the heck?

Natasha: Not impressed…

Photo Mar 10, 8 56 28 PM


Steve: Hey, rude! that’s mine.

Nat: Still not impressed.

Photo Mar 10, 8 56 35 PM

It’s fucking Spidey! He even talks!

Marvel decided to stop being so evil and show him. I lost my shit in this moment I was like “BCFJAWEDBCEHGRVCSEJBFW<KA” I’m so excited to see Tom Holland, I have a lot of faith in him.

If you read this I hope you enjoyed. I was so bored today so I though why not…

As for what team I’m in. I always thought I was neutral. I don’t like to see my parents fighting. But these trailers are really making me go with Tony. He seems really vulnerable. I’ll stay neutral though. But my son Hawkeye is in team Cap… but my baby Nat is with Iron Man… UGH! I hate marvel for doing this and splitting my family.

See ya