My opinions about Harry Potter


I’m feeling super potterhead lately, probably because my sister started reading the first book after millions of times I begged her to read them. I even told her I would get her the books if she wanted. Also Freeform was doing a marathon of HP movies and while I was in Orlando I watched them.

My sissy reading Harry Potter got me into thinking a lot about this beautiful story and how much my opinion of some characters has changed since the first time I read about them. So I’m going to tell you a bit about that and get into those and discuss them a little, shall we?

  • Dumbledore


Before: I LOVED the man, he was the best headmaster ever, so majestic and wise and ancient. His death was one of the worst things ever in the books. He was so good and loved Harry and was a good father figure for him.

Now: What an irresponsible fucker. First of all, he knew Harry was being abused by the Dursley’s and did nothing about it. He didn’t help Harry enough and often hid information from him eventually putting him in more danger. He also made kids do dangerous things to save others instead of being an adult and handling it himself or at least going with them. He could have told Harry that he loved him… if he ever did (not counting The Cursed Child), instead he manipulated the kid. He shared a lot of Grindelwald’s opinions and wanted to work with him, even if his sister’s death changed that, the idea was there.

Plus points: He’s really good for memes. I came to peace with this character, though if I think long enough I kind of don’t like him at all for what his way of handling things. J. K. Rowling said he was gay and I think that’s amazing but it also sounds like she didn’t write him to be like that at first and she only said to gain more popularity.



  • Regulus Black


Before: Who…

Now: The slytherin character every slytherin fan should have been looking up to. Wish we could have learned more about him. What is attributed to Snape, being a death eater and then changing sides and joining the good team, it’s kind of Regulus story. He was also a death eater but the younger Black sibling didn’t change his mind for an obsession he had over someone who clearly wasn’t into him, he did it because he realized that what Voldemort was doing was wrong. He discovered and destroyed one of Voldemort’s horcruxes all by himself! I’m sad that Sirius never got to know what his little brother did, I think he would have changed his mind about him and been proud.

Minus points: He was sort of obsessed with Lord Voldemort at first, yikes…

  • Severus Snape


Before: He had funny moments in the books and in the movies! So glad he was actually good all these time because I liked him! He was protecting Harry which might have meant that he cared about him. James and the others were really mean to him so there’s a reason to why he behaved like that with Harry. I’m glad Lily ended up with James but the back story with Severus was cute. All in all I think he was a good slytherin and Harry did right by naming his child after him.

A little later: No. Piece of shit. He bullied children. I hate everyone who actually thinks he’s a good example for a slytherin and everyone who says he’s their favorite character. He was obsessed with Lily and yeah, okay, James bullied him but Snape defended himself, he was even creating spells that were really dangerous. He called Lily a mudblood and expected her to what? fall in love with him? I don’t think so. Bye felicia!

Now: necessary douchebag. He did help defeat Lord Voldemort and protected Harry even if his reasons were horrible. He bullied children and was horrible to them. Neville’s biggest fear was Snape, that should say enough about the level of abusive he was to the kids. But let’s not forget that just because Snape was a little shit, we shouldn’t praise James’ behaviour, he was also kind of douchebag.

Plus points: I don’t really like him but he’s also my favorite character in A Very Potter Musical. Harry’s choices of names for his baby were horrible and I feel sorry for Albus.



  • Harry Potter


Before: I know he’s the principal character and the hero but I can’t seem to sympathise with him. He’s kind of rude…

Now: LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY  SASSY CHILD HARRY POTTER! He grew up dismissed and abused by his family. He was lied to in regards of his own parents death. Imagine thinking that the best part of your life happens in school?! Okay a magic school, true, but still! Even though he grew unloved he still was kind and nice. Chose to use those similarities he had with Voldemort/Tom Riddle as a strength. He was left alone by Dumbledore for the most difficult tasks and still accomplished them. He would have died to stop Voldemort: HERO MATERIAL! Also, down to earth af! When he discovered the wizarding world and how famous he was he remained humble. Even if he discovered he had the power to hurt the Dursley’s for how much they mistreated him he remained kind and went back to that horrible house every summer. While everyone saw Luna as a crazy person he was one of the few who actually befriended her and was nice to her.  Like, I could keep going but I’m going to stop because I’m getting emotional.

Plus points: Harry is savage


  • Draco Malfoy


Before: Little shit. Seriously Annoying. Low key handsome.

After: Okay. Still kind of a little shit but I understand that it was expected for him to be like that. He was raised in a house of death eaters. He was taught this just like Ron was taught to be good by his parents who believed that what Voldemort was doing was extremely wrong, I mean, Arthur was obsessed with muggles in the most adorable way possible. Draco was just a kid who grew up in other circumstances. He was sort of socially pressured to follow the steps of his parents. The fact that he couldn’t kill Dumbledore touched me a lot. Of course these thoughts don’t blind me on the fact that he was a bully, he called Hermione a mudblood and yeah, an overall horrible little shit.

Plus points: Draco Malfoy being adorably portrayed by Lauren Lopez in A Very Potter Musical changes a lot your view on this character



  • Hermione Granger


Before: She Is Perfect! Did everything right. Ron and Harry would have probably died without her.

Now: My view on Hermione hasn’t changed a lot but I came to the conclusion that she was, in fact, not perfect and I think this is something everybody can notice and that was express in the books. Hermione was controlling and stubborn. She often didn’t believe in what her books couldn’t explain, the fact that she left her divination class because she didn’t believe in professor Trewlaney made it quite clear. I like this little things that make her not perfect, I think she’s a great female character and a great gryffindor to look up to.

And finally…

  • Hogwarts


Before: BEST PLACE EVER. I want to go, I would literally live there.

Now: BEST PLACE EVER but… I would like very much to explore and learn more about the others schools.

The moral of this post is if you didn’t watch it yet, you should head to youtube and watch A Very Potter Musical. I tell this to every Harry Potter fan who doesn’t know what AVPM is. Siriusly, comedy gold.

What opinions about Harry Potter changed for you? Leave a comment! I’m interested in reading you. Hope we read each other soon!



Los Angeles feelings

I’m back. Back here and back from vacations. This time, back from California.

Let me tell you a little something, I don’t really remember when was the first time I thought about moving to a specific place but I can clearly remember that moving to United Stated was always a fixated point since I was 17 years old.

I think I had this idealized idea of moving to Los Angeles because I’m a huge Hollywood fan. I love movies, they’re great when you want to get away from the reality of your life. And so I fell in love with the idea of moving to a place where things were different. Now I’m not stupid, I know that it’s not like in the movies, it never is. But after having the chance of going to check it for myself, I can definitely say that my wish of moving there is definitely still there. The fact that Disneyland is close from there increase my interest a lot as well.

So my trip started in Anaheim. If you have been reading this blog you will know that I’m a big Disney fan, like big, big Disney fan. So it was a must for me to go to Disneyland, the original park.



My experience was really different from what I was expecting but I wouldn’t say it was bad. If there’s something I learned is that if my dreams come true and I get to go a second time, I am definitely not going on a sunday. It was our last day and our second time in the park, me and my sister could only do one game because of how long the lines were. It also didn’t help the fact that by the time I was there a major storm had step upon us. I heard people saying it was one of the biggest California had… my luck.

Despite that I do believe it was a magic experience. Back in Orlando (where I have been going to Disney once a year since like 2012) I never met any character, finding them was impossible but in Disneyland characters seem to appear all the time. I got a lot of pictures with a bunch of them, Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty, Nick and Judy from Zootopia (I was fangirling hard) and more… some of them are in my instagram if you want to check it out.

IMG_9264 2

Now though I loved Disney in California I have to say you get a better experience when you go to Orlando. To start with you have a lot of choices regarding hotels. I was used to staying in hotels inside the Disney resort, you get more full of the magic spirit Disney gives you but they were so expensive in Anaheim that we had to stay somewhere else. I don’t complain thought, It was a really nice hotel.

After Anaheim we drove all the way to Las Vegas [Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas” sounds in the background] If I’m being honest, it was never my kind of scenario but I loved it. Of course I did more of the tourist part of it, I was with my grandparents after all (which sounds like i had to behave properly but it was more like me and my sister asking them to behave) The only reason I played once was because I’m 21 and I don’t look like it I wanted to sit and play so someone could ask me for my ID. I don’t know, haha, I just wanted to show someone I was 21. It didn’t work, nobody asked me nothing and I lost 20 dollars.

And after Las Vegas we finally stayed 10 days in Los Angeles. You have no idea how in love I am with that city. Maybe I still have that La La Land kind of feeling around me, I was so dazzled. Generally when I go on vacations I get to a point where when I’m on my last days there I am ready to leave, like I’m fulfilled or something but here I didn’t want to leave at all. I wanted to stay and do all the things we did all over again.

And it wasn’t as if everything that happened in our trip was beautiful. We did get the chance to go to a lot of places but we have a lot of family arguments not only between each other but with my mother who was back home. But that’s for another post/story. What I’m trying to say here is I loved my trip to Los Angeles.

I have a lot of pictures but I don’t really want to bore you. Instead if you’re a Harry Potter fan then that’s good because I’m going to end this post with some pictures I took of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

(Starting with the La La Land café where Mia worked and Warner recreated)


My sister had to refresh my memory cause I honestly didn’t remember seeing this in La La Land. Also, now that I’m talking about the movie how do you feel about the whole Oscar’s mistake. Iconic. I’m so happy for Moonlight but at the same time I would have love for them to receive a proper recognition. (My sister thinks it was rigged and honestly it’s kind of suspicious)

Also this!





I loooooooved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but you know what I loved even more? The aesthetic. A very much deserved oscar for best achievement in production design.


Hope we read each other soon!


Some book moments that made me go “nope”

Hey people, how’s it going? I hope you’re all well and healthy. Today I bring you another list of things about me and this time is about books. The moments in books I read that made me want to close the book and throw it through the window like Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook.


Admit it, if you’re a current reader, you felt identified with this scene. I know I did. This is not a post about moments that I didn’t like but more like moments that were too much to handle. let’s get into it.

WARNING: beware of the spoilers!

  • Jay Gatsby’s death/ The Great Gatsby

When I look back at this book I don’t feel sorry about his death, it’s not a book I became emotionally attached to but I will admit that when I first read it I was really frustrated for the reasons he died. I hate when bad things happen for stupid misunderstandings. To me, at 15/16 years old it was really unexpected, I think it was about the realism that this death provided. I was so used to happy endings and flowers and rainbows or idealistic futures like the one Gatsby had that his death was like if someone had thrown a glass of cold water at me.

  • Augustus Waters’ cancer / The Fault in Our Stars

That moment when everything is perfect and suddenly Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer was back and I wanted to literally throw the book through the window. I read this book pretty early so I had the good luck of not spoiling myself. Around when the movie was coming out it was impossible to enter to a social network without spoiling yourself that he was going to die, I mean, even the movie trailer made it really obvious. This is why Augustus death was a surprise to me. I mean, I knew someone was going to die I just expected it to be Hazel and not him.

  • Peeta’s hate towards Katniss / Mockingjay (The Hunger Games trilogy)

Peeta Mellark is one of my favorite characters from The Hunger Games so of course I suffered a lot when he was kidnapped and tortured. And just when he was back, relatively safe with Katniss who was coming around with her feelings, he went psycho and tried to kill her with his bare hands.

  • Finnick’s death / Mockingjay (The Hunger Games trilogy)

Finnick my ultimate hunger games favorite character had me so emotional, he got married with the woman he loved, Annie was pregnant and then boom, Finnick dead. His death was so fast and sudden that I had to go back and read it again because I was not sure those creatures actually killed him. Not to mention I didn’t even understand his death until I saw it on the movie, all I know is that with some few describing words this character was gone. I literally stopped reading the book for like 4 days in protest of what happened.

  • Snape killing Dumbledore / Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Even if it was part of a secret Dumbledore and Snape had and that Dumbledore was going to die anyways I suffered a lot when he killed the guy. First of all because I was trying to like Snape and second of all because WHO KILLS DUMBLEDORE?!? HE IS SO MAJESTIC. YOU JUST DON’T KILL HIM. Besides, Dumbledore’s death was one of the few Harry Potter’s death I didn’t know it was going to happen when I started reading the books.

  • Cinder is actually the lost princess Selene / Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)

Yeah this made me go all “Nope” but not for the reason you might be thinking. It’s because it was so obvious!!! From the moment a baby supposedly dead was mentioned I had the feeling we were talking about Cinder whose past was all blurry and mysterious. She was a cyborg girl and the baby was supposedly killed in a fire, coincidence? I think not. Then when Kay says he was looking for her I instantly knew it was Cinder. I mean who else could be the lost princess of the exact same age Cinder is?

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10 Harry Potter Books/Movies differences that make you roll your eyes in frustration.

Hey! Since we’re entering september and that means Hogwarts is starting and letters are being delivered I figured out, why not go with the flow and write a post about Harry Potter? After all, I love talking about Harry Potter and I found some cool illustrations to go with so I decided to do Harry Potter differences that make you want to say “the books were better.”

  1. “Your mother’s eyes”

hp1 I totally get why this would be different though. Daniel Radcliffe was kind of allergic to the contact lenses. So I really don’t have any issue with this, I just wanted to show you guys the cool drawing.


2. Neville in general.  hp2

Neville is my favorite Harry Potter character (Well, I’m always between him and Lupin but I always say it’s him) His characterisation in the movies weren’t that bad. I mean, put him next to Ginny, he got it pretty good. Of course there were some things that I wish we could have seen but I’ll talk about it below.

3. Ginny Weasley. hp3

Oh man, Ginny’s characterisation was so bad! I always feel bad because people hate on movie Ginny and on Bonnie Wright saying that she didn’t do it right. In my opinion the ones to blame here are the director and scriptwriter. Either they didn’t read the books or they just forgot all about her and decided to create their own version of the character.

In the books she’s so funny, sassy, brilliant and brave while in the movies I always picture her as shy, silent and quiet. Where’s the Ginny that dated boys? The one who was fierce in quidditch and fun to be around?

3. Neville who?


So because Neville is my favorite character this kinda bothered me, it was like completely erasing one of the things that made Neville important to the story. I don’t remember very much but I think they mentioned it once? Or not? I don’t know.

4. More erasing for Neville


This one, in my opinion, is one of the worst. It was one of the reasons that made me love Neville and they completely ignore it?!

5. More of Dobby


Dobby being employed at Hogwarts by Dumbledore was not a thing in the movies apparently. I think in the books his death has more meaning that in the movie were he just appears to die on the next minute, literally. If I hadn’t read the books I think I wouldn’t have cried. (I didn’t cry really but a lot of people did)

6. Hermione’s characterisation.


The whole S.P.E.W thing gave a lot of characterisation to Hermione. I think I got to know her more and the kind of person she was for this. While in the books things like S.P.E.W or constantly doing homework and studying (or maybe being a little judgy) made Harry and Ron roll their eyes at her I think that in the movies she was shown as some kind of perfect Mary Sue.

7. Harry and the Half-Blood Prince mystery.


I was never really that interested in this mystery because from the moment I grabbed this book I was 99% sure the Half-Blood Prince was Snape. In the movies they didn’t pay that much attention to it either.



Everyone hates this, I hate this, my dog who can’t even read hates this probably. Dumbledore asked him CALMLY!!! I bet Richard Harris would have done it right.

9. Silver hand


I don’t really have a comment for this, he.

10. Peeves


Peeves was the type of character I would have love to see in the movies but wouldn’t complain if it wasn’t. What I mean is that he should have been but I understand why they didn’t put him. Ghosts in general were kind of forgotten in the movies. What about Nearly Headless Nick’s party the kids attended? It was really creepy and interesting to read about it and I think a scene would have been really cool.

So I think they’re a lot more. One can’t always expect a perfect adaptation and in general I think the Harry Potter one’s were pretty good (except the last one, not that one) Think about it, we could have had some distorted adaptation like The Scorch Trials, I would have cried. So I’m thankful.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did writing it, see ya!

REVIEW: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child


OH BOY! This is going to be the crudest review I ever made since I just finished reading the play. I’m still feeling things and coming up with thoughts. I do warn that this is a review with spoilers. I’m going to try to not make many though (it won’t work I’m sure)

So being a fangirl is really difficult. Being in fandoms is difficult. Usually what I struggle the most in them is with opinions and critics of others. There are people who don’t have any trouble critiquing what they love, which I think is great because even if you love the thing you acknowledge that they did something wrong. Since the release of the play I have read and seen some harsh reviews. And before reading it I was thinking I wasn’t going to like it but even if it was like that I was going to love it because I just can’t hate Harry Potter, I’m a head over heels potter head and I just can’t hate it.

This is why I didn’t hate The Cursed Child. Did it had some really bad stuff? Yeah, I think it did, did I hate that stuff? hmm… nope, right now the answer is no. Reading this play was like reading a weird but cool fan fiction.  That’s how I would describe both the play and the experience. It was like seeing a more serious version of A Very Potter Musical without the musical part. It had really good  and funny parts that for me were really crazy to read, for example most of the scenes where they were all together with Draco Malfoy and getting along were really weird but in a good way, like a really good fan fiction you read when you wish everyone could just get along.


Let’s start with the beginning. Writing this I feel this is going to be a long post, I’m warning you guys.

Okay so first thing worth mentioning is that Albus is a Slytherin. I know I say I can’t hate Harry Potter but if there is something I… strongly dislike is stereotyping Hogwarts houses. I even thought about writing about it here because I honestly ha… strongly dislike it. I don’t like that if you’re Slytherin then you must be really mean and if you’re a Gryffindor you must be really brave, if you’re a Hufflepuff you must be really nice or stupid and if you’re a Ravenclaw you’re a nerd. The fact that you stick people to  just one word doesn’t work for me.

That’s why I love the fact that Hermione who is really smart and worthy of being in Ravenclaw is also worthy of being in Gryffindor or Neville (my favorite character) who you could consider to be in Hufflepuff is a Gryffindor as well. Or Luna who is a Ravenclaw could also have been easily confused as a Hufflepuff. I live up for kind Gryffindors and smart Hufflepuffs and brave Ravenclaws even if those are not their house’s mottos.

And so though I was a bit sad that Albus wasn’t with this brother James and in the same house his father and mother were and basically his entire family, I was happy that he got sorted in Slytherin. And I was so happy that he became best friends with Scorpius because boy! that kid is so nice and so different from the rest of the Malfoy’s and for some reason after I finished the seventh book I thought Scorpius was going to be a really mean kid like Draco… probably because of his name, Scorpius… poor child. But Scorpius and Albus being friends was the first step of this play looking like a fan fiction because honestly I read fan fiction like this and because I wouldn’t have imagine for Jo to write it.


Moving on we have Albus and Harry’s relationship. This was probably the most real scenario I imagined. When I first heard the name of this play I thought “The cursed child” was supposed to be Albus and the curse of living in his father’s shadow. I imagined something like this was going to happen with their kids.

I felt bad for Albus and his experience in Hogwarts being so different from the others, even from fans who wished to go. Because up to now we all wished some extraordinary event would happen and we would get our Hogwarts letters, how cool would be to go to Hogwarts but then we meet someone who doesn’t want to go and it makes it more striking that this kid is Harry Potter’s son. With Harry we grew up thinking of Hogwarts as a home because Harry felt like it but Albus hates it there, they make fun of him and he feels like a disappointment. This  difference was really interesting to read for me.


Then we have Ron, Hermione and Rose. Ron and Hermione were really cute. But I think they could have made Ron a bit more serious cause even if he’s managing his brothers joke shop I didn’t expect him to be such a comic relief. He was funny sure, I laughed a lot reading him but he was more silly than young Ron. I could say I felt this was a little bit out of character. Actually one of my favorite youtubers said she felt everyone was out of character and even though when I read it I was sensing this I decided to take it as something of the character aging, being different because they’re adults now, they have kids and different responsibilities. It sounds silly but I tried to explain this difference in the same characters with that.

The fact that Ron was drunk on him and Hermione’s wedding is a huge disappointment and kind of sad but I tried not to pay too much attention to it because it was a detail. I was also a bit disappointed that Rose and Albus became distant and had to pretend in front of the adults.


I didn’t expect Cedric Diggory to have such an important role here which was interesting since we only get one really short scene with him. I do get though that even though it was about saving Cedric it was also much more than that. It was seeing alternative endings to the things we read in the book. It was about Albus testing himself and reconnecting with his father. Understanding a bit of Harry’s struggle as well and of course Albus and Scorpius friendship.

Speaking of friendship and these two, let’s get real for a minute. Friendship was not was I was sensing at all. Through the whole play one thought was always constant and was that J. K. Rowling (John Tiffany and Jack Thorne too) was clearly queer baiting us hard. I could imagine the people reading these two character and shipping them together because I did it myself, it was so obvious!

I think that what, for me, was most fan fiction material was obviously Delphi being Voldemort’s child that wanted to change the past so Voldemort could come back. That was so fanfic cliché dude! And the fact that she was the daughter of Bellatrix?! What?! How?! When?! Did they just informed us that Bellatrix and Voldemort did it?!?!?! EW! It didn’t make sense either because of the 5 W’s (what, why, when, where and how)

About the boy who lived, we get some really emotional and intense scenes revolving around Harry. For me it was really intriguing to see grown up Harry and to some this might be surprising but I actually liked him. From what I read most didn’t. I know he said some horrible things to Albus and made some mistakes too and that was not okay but this was the only character I didn’t feel like it was out of character. And believe this was surprising for me because I’m not Harry’s number one fan. I read that one of the most debated subjects was actually this, the fact that this was no like Harry at all.

For some strange reason I could imagine Harry getting angry enough to say something like that. I think they didn’t wanted to make it look like something Harry would say but as something a parent, any  normal real muggle world parent would say. Parents often might say things that hurt and don’t mean it, even if they’re supposed to be the adults one in the discussion. I think I understood the struggle (Of Harry and Albus) on both sides. Well have in mind you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t have really good parents figures (I’m talking about me). I’m not saying that what he said to Albus was okay though, I’m not justifying it,  just trying to understand it, I know it was horrible and if I was Albus I wouldn’t be able to forget it.

I will say though that the way he treated Minerva was NOT OKAY! What the hell dude!?

Another scene with Harry that was really emotional for me was his talk with Dumbledore. It was a bit silly, he was talking to a portrait after all but I imagine in the theater it would sound and feel more real (check pic below) I even cried, don’t laugh but Dumbledore telling him that he should have told Harry that he loved him, the whole scene was an emotional mess… I mean me, I was the emotional mess. It was cliché but I don’t care I got into it anyway.


The saddest one was probably Harry having to hear his parents being murdered and not being able to do something about it. It was so sad! I started crying here too.

Ginny was great, a little more quiet than I expected, more motherly. I imagined she would be more outspoken but I also enjoyed this Ginny. I have the feeling she was more like movie Ginny rather than book Ginny or maybe a mix of both. She might also have been more mature. People change after having three kids you know.

Snape’s appearance was also a surprise. I have difficulties with this character because I know I shouldn’t like him, he was a bully, what he did with the kids was not right and though, yes he helped Dumbledore I like to see it more like his interests happened to be the same ones the good guys had. But I grew up liking him and then becoming aware that the way he treated children was not okay was difficult. So I always say that I like him as a bad guy. And here in the play we had him so different, and though it was an alternative universe this didn’t convince me. He made me laugh a little but I didn’t like it that much because he was totally out of character and I couldn’t justify him by saying he was older because he was the same age, these scenes with him were honestly fan service in my opinion. And believe me I would have loved to like them specially since they give me a reason to like Snape but it didn’t feel real.

On the other hand we have Draco. In the books I had a similar view of Draco and Snape because one was a bad guy who was helping the good ones and the other one was just a kid who had to grow up without a choice. They both struggle, they both were kinda mean. I liked Draco more though. In the play Draco grows up to be so different from what I expected. His story was so nice, marrying someone so different from what I imagined who tried to show him the light and who loved him. I would have loved to read more about Astoria, such a pity she didn’t even appear. And his relationship with his son and the way he cared about him, I loved that. even if it was kind of fanfic like I didn’t care.

I know Harry Potter and The Cursed Child didn’t change anything. I know it had some big plot holes, out of character behaviors, plots that were worth of or but for me it was more about receiving something new of Harry Potter, feeling that the story wasn’t over even after all these years. It was the laughter that brought the play and the tears at the cliché moments. I do think though that people who are going to see it in the theater and don’t want to spoil themselves by reading it first are going to enjoy it more and are probably going to be more positive about it.

I only wish I could go and see the play now, though I know it’s impossible. I do love the actors though, I though they did great casting. Hopefully one day we might get to see it on YouTube or somewhere illegally.