Random topic: The Big Wedding and Whitewashing

Hey guys! I have been thinking about doing this for a while now. I wanted to start a sort of section (?) in my blog where I discuss or more like write about random topics. Sometimes I want to write about things here but I feel like I can’t because they come from nowhere. Like maybe about a movie that premiered a long ago and I just watched. Or an old book, or something about Harry Potter, you get the idea?

Anyway yesterday I watched The Big Wedding (2013) with Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, and Susan Sarandon between other known actors (Ben Barnes, Amanda Seyfried, Katherine Heigl, etc.) It called my attention for the amount of great actors it had and also because I love Robert De Niro.

It was a really bad movie overall, the plot was predictable, full of jokes that had the intention of making you laugh but failed miserably and kind of aimless as well. Like a really, really bad comedy you knew it was going to be bad because no one knows about it and you thought you might have seen one of the actors in one of Grey’s Anatomy’s episodes but you’re not quite sure except this movie had A list actors that you can’t really understand how is it that they ended up agreeing to make this movie in the first place.

But that was not what bothered me. Yeah because if I’m going to start this Random Section thing in my blog might as well do it to complain about things. What made me hate this movie was the fact that they used Ben Barnes, a known english actor, they tanned him a bit and used him to portray a colombian young man who was adopted by a north american family. They even made him speak spanish.

I know this is not new. Hollywood does it all the time, they whitewash even the tiniest characters with no importance. However, I cannot help but be mad about it. Cause it wasn’t just that. Alejandro’s (Ben Barnes character) biological mother was from Colombia and was supposed to come with her other daughter to his wedding. She was supposed to be this really religious woman who prayed and stuff. Stereotyping much? Not only that stereotype but his biological sister was supposed to be this really promiscuous girl who jacked off Alejandro’s brother (the one from the north american family, not the colombian. That would be incest and even if they weren’t blood related they still both were Alejandro’s siblings so it was kind of weird)

So it’s like that for South America, we are seen as religious prudes or we are whores who only think of sex. I also know it’s not only with Latinos. Ghost in the Shell (2017), a movie adaptation of a japanese manga is getting boycotted because Scarlett Johansson, one of Hollywood’s most whitest actresses probably is portraying Motoko Kusanagi. A character that should have been given to an actual japanese actress. Which for me was really devastating since I used to admire Scarlett Johansson. Her trying to defend her decision on why she thought it was okay to pursue the role didn’t help at all.

But because I’m latina I thought maybe I told you a little more about other roles that were supposed to be for Latinos but ended up going for american actors.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones in Zorro

catherine zeta hones.jpg

Though Shakira and Salma Hayek were considered for the role of Elena in Zorro, Catherine Zeta-Jones ended up playing her in both movies Zorro, and The Mask of the Zorro. I do think that these were spanish characters from spain and not South America. even though a lot of South American countries have spanish heritage. (Take me for example half of my family comes from Spain)

  • Al Pacino in Scarface


In famous movie Scarface he plays the role of Tony Montana, a Cuban drug kingpin.

  • Meryl Streep (and others) in The House of The Spirits


I love Meryl Streep just as much as the next person however in 1993 she portrayed Clara Trueba in the movie The House of The Spirits based in the book by chilean author, Isabel Allende. The movie is set in Chile and the filmmakers decided to cast Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close and Winona Ryder.

  • Ethan Hawke in Alive


Are you guys familiar with the famous case of the uruguayan rugbiers who got stuck in Los Andes after their plane crashed? It was really well-known because a lot of the rugbiers who survived had to to resort to anthropophagy, meaning they had to eat their dead friends to survive (yeah that’s a  horrible way of putting it) Anyway I guess it was a good plot for a movie because in 1993 Hollywood decided to make the movie casting Ethan Hawke as Fernando ‘Nando’ Parrado, the Uruguayan rugbier.

  • Hank Azaria in The Birdcage


In the movie The Birdcage, Azaria portrays the  role of a gay Guatemalan housekeeper. He won a SAG award for his role.

  • Johnny Depp in Before Night Falls


In Before Night Falls he plays two cuban characters, Lt. Victor and Bon Bon, a drag queen. Javier Bardem, a spanish actor won an oscar for playing Reinaldo Arenas, the cuban poet and novelist.

  • Madonna in Evita


This one hits home. Madonna portrayed Eva Peron, the famous argentine first lady in the movie Evita. I’m not even going to comment on this one.

  • Natalie Wood in West Side Story


In this movie, where two street gangs are rivals, on of them is puerto rican and though they did cast Rita Moreno as Anita and that earned her an Oscar, they also casted Natalie Wood as Maria, bummer.

There’s a lot more actors and actresses who have accepted roles that could have easily been portrayed by latino actors, black actors, asian actors. And thought it always comes in question whether the filmmakers or the actors should carry the blame, remember the filmmakers do the casting but the actors also accept the roles.

source: Latina Magazine

Hope we read each other soon!

P.S: I don’t hate any of the actors by the way (except Johnny Depp, I don’t like him) I do think that they should have thought about if before accepting those roles.


We actually listen

words and ideas

As you may know… Or not, I have a very strong relationship with my grandparents. This is because technically they raised me so naturally my decisions in life and choices I make are consulted with them, you know the way you would talk to your parents about something I usually talk to my grandparents in that way.

The thing is I grew up. In my grandparents eyes, before my sister came along I was their baby, their little golden girl who used to travel every where with them. I don’t think they ever picture that when I became a young adult I was going to have my own opinion about things and that they were going to differ so much from their line of thinking. This brings a lot of discussions of course. I take it as a normal thing since they’re around 70 and I’m 20. My ideas about feminism, sexism, racism and sexuality differ a lot from their conservative points of view.

I don’t know if this happens around your family but usually when I try to bring my point of view to a topic of discussion in the table I get turned down for being too young and don’t knowing what I’m talking about. My 20’s can’t compete with their experienced 70’s there for I have to sit down and listen and understand that because they “know more” they are right. No one wants to be around people like that you get me?

So I tend to focus my attention on the phone because if I don’t have a word then what’s my point? I know myself, if I hear something I don’t agree with I will want to state my opinion and that’ll create a fight. But what happens when you use your phone in front of older ones? “You’re disrespectful”, “you never listen”, “you are always on your phone”… Etc, etc. If I speak I will say what I think and they won’t like it because in order to say something it has to be something they would like to hear.

This became really normal for me, to be with my phone around them. And because it became a thing they noticed it so “you’re always on your phone and you never listen to me, we never really talk” is a very normal thing to hear. But I do listen to what they say. It’s just that it is really difficult to get into a conversation with someone who no matter what you say they’re going to end up saying you don’t know anything about the subject because you’re too young.

I feel this is something young people have to deal with everyday. In these times where so many changes are happening when people are finally becoming more aware and kids actually listen for them to be denied an ear by the adults because they don’t have experience enough or they don’t know enough instead of encouraging them to keep learning and helping them. Especially when they’re a lot of adults who could actually learn a thing or two from kids and teenagers.

One of the things I hate the most about this subject is that even if it’s a topic I like, my topic, something I love talking about my grandfather (because if I have to be honest when I say adults I’m actually referring to him in my case since he’s the one I have this kind of problem with) will shut me up and say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

One day I would love to tell him I actually hear what he says so he should also listen to me. That respect goes both ways no matter what age you’re. To receive respect you have to give it first, I always believed that. Which doesn’t mean that if a stranger is disrespectful I’m going to be too because I also believe in not paying with the same coin which means not being like the others, being better than that.

This was just something I wanted to talk about since these discussions about “not knowing a thing” and letting him (my grandpa) talk since he’s older and wiser are becoming really usual in vacations.

You can leave your opinion or own experience in the comments if you want, I would really like to read it.

See ya!

Feminism where I live

Photo May 22, 12 08 55 AM


Huge rant ahead!

Being a person who constantly checks US news and movements I gotta say I feel sorry for feminism in my country. Or maybe is just the people I surround myself with. There are a couple of things to have in consideration with the rant I’m about to do

First, I have nice friends. At least I like to think that they’re nice people. But sometimes they say things that I. Can. Not. Tolerate. And usually I’m a really patient person.

Secondly when I talk about feminism I usually include a lot of things. Primarily Equality between men and women, the end of stereotyping both and how they are “supposed” to behave or what are they supposed to wear because of their gender. Also, woman of colour, transgender women, support between women, the end of slut shaming, sexuality, end of body shaming between others. These are all the things that come to my mind when I think of the word “Feminism”

People here seem to be so afraid of this word. It’s a really funny thing because they say they’re not feminist and when you proceed to ask them “So you believe your father, your uncle or grandpa are better, deserve more and are more worthy than your mother, aunt or grandma?” this is a basic question that does not cover feminism entirely but it’s easy for people who have no idea about being a feminist. I also learned that if you include people familiar to the person you’re asking they usually answer that they do believe their parents should be equal or maybe they answer they’re different. But because they’re different it doesn’t mean one is less than the other right?

I think people are afraid of the word because it’s like choosing a political view. I mean I know people who believe in equality but won’t say they’re feminists because they don’t identify as one, which leaves me a bit confused. Others (usually guys) say that feminism is for women so they are not feminist because they’re not girls.

So it’s not also they’re afraid of the word but they are not very conscious of what it mean. This can bring a lot of misunderstanding. Because they don’t know what it means they assume that because feminist has “fem” in it means something that probably will only make it better just for girls. They’re so wrong.

And honestly I’m so tired of people saying “Don’t be a girl”, “Look what she’s wearing”, “she’s a slut” “can she love herself more?” WHAT THE HELL! I once heard the last one being said by one of my closest friends after dinner when we were on our phones. She was checking the instagram of a girl from high school. She had a lot of photos of herself posing and stuff and THAT’S OK! That time was the first time I stood up at a comment and said “It’s totally ok to love yourself, let her be” and she answered me “Ok but not that much” Seriously?!

I know everyone is a bit problematic sometimes but when it comes to this subject I just can’t tolerate them, it’s not ok. If, for example, that girl from high school wants to upload a picture in underwear or even naked it’s freaking ok! Because it’s her life and just because you’re not comfortable doing that doesn’t mean its wrong. It means she is, she loves herself and might be comfortable with her sexuality and that’s perfect! We should be complimenting her for that not degrading her!

If she wants to send pictures of herself to millions of guys it’s her fucking decision and not your place to comment if she’s a slut or not. If she feels comfortable doing it it’s fine. She’s an adult and she knows what she’s doing.

It’s okay to be comfortable with yourself, its okay to be a girl and go out with a lot of people as long as you don’t hurt them, it’s okay to have confidence and feel pretty and nice. What is not okay is girls criticizing other girls, putting them down, calling the sluts or whores.

Ok… I just wanted to take that out of my chest.

See ya 🙂