Los Angeles feelings

I’m back. Back here and back from vacations. This time, back from California.

Let me tell you a little something, I don’t really remember when was the first time I thought about moving to a specific place but I can clearly remember that moving to United Stated was always a fixated point since I was 17 years old.

I think I had this idealized idea of moving to Los Angeles because I’m a huge Hollywood fan. I love movies, they’re great when you want to get away from the reality of your life. And so I fell in love with the idea of moving to a place where things were different. Now I’m not stupid, I know that it’s not like in the movies, it never is. But after having the chance of going to check it for myself, I can definitely say that my wish of moving there is definitely still there. The fact that Disneyland is close from there increase my interest a lot as well.

So my trip started in Anaheim. If you have been reading this blog you will know that I’m a big Disney fan, like big, big Disney fan. So it was a must for me to go to Disneyland, the original park.



My experience was really different from what I was expecting but I wouldn’t say it was bad. If there’s something I learned is that if my dreams come true and I get to go a second time, I am definitely not going on a sunday. It was our last day and our second time in the park, me and my sister could only do one game because of how long the lines were. It also didn’t help the fact that by the time I was there a major storm had step upon us. I heard people saying it was one of the biggest California had… my luck.

Despite that I do believe it was a magic experience. Back in Orlando (where I have been going to Disney once a year since like 2012) I never met any character, finding them was impossible but in Disneyland characters seem to appear all the time. I got a lot of pictures with a bunch of them, Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty, Nick and Judy from Zootopia (I was fangirling hard) and more… some of them are in my instagram if you want to check it out.

IMG_9264 2

Now though I loved Disney in California I have to say you get a better experience when you go to Orlando. To start with you have a lot of choices regarding hotels. I was used to staying in hotels inside the Disney resort, you get more full of the magic spirit Disney gives you but they were so expensive in Anaheim that we had to stay somewhere else. I don’t complain thought, It was a really nice hotel.

After Anaheim we drove all the way to Las Vegas [Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas” sounds in the background] If I’m being honest, it was never my kind of scenario but I loved it. Of course I did more of the tourist part of it, I was with my grandparents after all (which sounds like i had to behave properly but it was more like me and my sister asking them to behave) The only reason I played once was because I’m 21 and I don’t look like it I wanted to sit and play so someone could ask me for my ID. I don’t know, haha, I just wanted to show someone I was 21. It didn’t work, nobody asked me nothing and I lost 20 dollars.

And after Las Vegas we finally stayed 10 days in Los Angeles. You have no idea how in love I am with that city. Maybe I still have that La La Land kind of feeling around me, I was so dazzled. Generally when I go on vacations I get to a point where when I’m on my last days there I am ready to leave, like I’m fulfilled or something but here I didn’t want to leave at all. I wanted to stay and do all the things we did all over again.

And it wasn’t as if everything that happened in our trip was beautiful. We did get the chance to go to a lot of places but we have a lot of family arguments not only between each other but with my mother who was back home. But that’s for another post/story. What I’m trying to say here is I loved my trip to Los Angeles.

I have a lot of pictures but I don’t really want to bore you. Instead if you’re a Harry Potter fan then that’s good because I’m going to end this post with some pictures I took of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

(Starting with the La La Land café where Mia worked and Warner recreated)


My sister had to refresh my memory cause I honestly didn’t remember seeing this in La La Land. Also, now that I’m talking about the movie how do you feel about the whole Oscar’s mistake. Iconic. I’m so happy for Moonlight but at the same time I would have love for them to receive a proper recognition. (My sister thinks it was rigged and honestly it’s kind of suspicious)

Also this!





I loooooooved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but you know what I loved even more? The aesthetic. A very much deserved oscar for best achievement in production design.


Hope we read each other soon!



From Brazil with love

So I’m trying a thing where instead of thinking what am I going to write about I just sit and open WordPress in hopes that inspiration will come along the way. Right now this thing is working. Obviously being in an almost paradisiacal place with the beautiful coast of Rio de Janeiro as the view and the people like tiny ants in the beaches of Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana is helping a lot.


I love Brazil, the always beautiful hotel I stay in, the beach, Jesus Christ (Cristo Redentor) up in the mountain looking down at the city and probably being mad at me because in these 17 years I have been coming to Rio I never in my life went to see him up close… and yeah probably also mad because I became an atheist and “betrayed” my family and I’m carrying Satan’s blood or something like that said my grandpa’s cousin once.

While I’m here and while I’m writing all this down I’m thinking that maybe I just need to be a little more natural. Not everything has to be long and carry powerful meanings, I’m obviously exaggerating here because I don’t believe any of my posts ever carried a powerful meaning… maybe the harry potter vs the movies, the message in that one was clear, THEY SCREWED UP EVERYTHING.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say while also telling you that I’m vacationing in Brazil is that I’m going to try to be more active. I can promise to try but I won’t promise it will work 🙂

Hope we read each other soon!


PS: Hopefully I might be able to take better pictures and show you more.

See art with me

Hi! Before I start with the artsy stuff, I reached 70 followers! How crazy is that?! I never imagine when I started this blog that people would actually read me, not even dared to imagine they would follow me! Thank you so much! You make this experience even more valuable. 

I went to an art exposition on saturday. It’s a big one they do here where I live and it’s kind of expensive I think but I didn’t have to pay for a ticket so that’s the main reason why I went actually. My grandpa was invited but he isn’t so much into that kind of art (me neither really) so when I found the invitations in a golden envelope I asked him and he told me I could keep them and go with someone since he wasn’t going to be here.

He and my grandma left to Europe four days ago and I’m already missing them like crazy. I know I complain whenever they are arround but you can really notice when they’re gone and in such needed time, let’s say they’re being extra missed.

Going back to the art stuff, this exposition features a lot of local artists, a lot from other countries of South America and some artists from US. It’s not really the type of art I would go to see since I’m more into renaissance, romanticism and impressionism but it is art nevertheless and I love art, I love museums and paintings and sculptures and I thought why not? Maybe I see something I like.

So because I’m me I decided to take pictures of my favorite ones and show them to you. They’re a bit horizontal and dark because there were lots of people and it was a difficult to take pictures.

Photo May 21, 8 21 55 PM (1)

Photo May 21, 8 18 50 PM

This came out so horizontal but overall I liked it.

Photo May 21, 8 17 42 PM (1)

Photo May 21, 8 20 10 PM

Photo May 21, 8 19 01 PM

Photo May 21, 8 12 34 PM

Okay if you don’t speak or read spanish you won’t get this one. Basically people had to write “When I was 20…” or “When I’m 20” and then their personal experience at 20. They’re a lot of “When I was 20 I was happy” and “When I’m 20 I want to have an orgy” Yeah… I wrote “When I was 20 I went to Disney” Cause I’m going this year (and I’m 20) and because Disney is kind of important for me though if I was alone and not with a friend that night I would had written “When I was 20 it was difficult” (See “Punch a Wall” and “Fix a Wall” posts to understand this)

Photo May 21, 8 01 59 PM

Photo May 21, 7 57 55 PM

Photo May 21, 7 49 52 PM

Photo May 21, 7 49 26 PM

These were in a dark room, really cool.

Photo May 21, 7 47 50 PM

I don’t know why but this one was one of my favorite ones.

Photo May 21, 7 46 19 PM

And I think this one was my favorite. If I had millions of dollars I would have bought it.

Photo May 21, 7 45 31 PM

Photo May 21, 7 45 23 PM

Photo May 21, 7 44 14 PM

this, too was one of my favorites.

Photo May 21, 7 42 39 PM

Photo May 21, 7 23 52 PM

You can actually see me taking the picture in this one.

Photo May 21, 7 23 28 PM

Another favorite.

Photo May 21, 7 21 18 PM

Photo May 21, 7 19 44 PM

Photo May 21, 7 17 28 PM

So these are the ones I thought were worthy of a picture. Like I said I’m into another kind of art so it was a little bit new for me. Hope you enjoyed going on art exhibitions with me though 😉

See ya!

Tour With Me

Hey people, I’m back from my trip and not ready at all to continue with my life.I’m going to make an attempt though. So far I failed because today I should have gone to classes and didn’t.

Anyway, last post I mentioned I was going to show you where I went cause I got so many pretty pictures and I don’t have Facebook (anymore) so I can’t upload them there and I can’t just put them all in instagram so why not share them with you? The place of destination was Bariloche. Might not have heard of it and if you did you’re so, so cool. Bariloche is in Rio Negro, Argentina and it’s usually a cold place with mountains where it snows. It didn’t snow though because it’s a little bit early for that we just entered autumn here. However it was cold… really cold!

For being someone who wants to get the hell out of this country you’ll understand I’m not so much interested in places here. It makes me feel bad but I’m just not into “la Patagonia” It doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful but it’s not my kind of place. I do have friends who would love to travel through Argentina and see everything but that’s just not me. So said that I was not that excited to got to Bariloche. I heard amazing things about the place even from my grandparents who usually don’t travel inside the country (unless it’s to Mar del Plata, a city 5 hours of distance from where we live. There are beaches there so…)

I was SO wrong, AGAIN. Bariloche is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Seriously if I had to choose one view to see for the rest of my life it would be Bariloche’s landscapes. I’ll show you but sadly photographs will make no justice.

I got out of the airport and I already saw this…

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset
From outside the airport

And the next day we went touring. In Puerto Pañuelo they would take us to two islands, one named Victoria and the other I don’t remember but it was so beautiful.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset
Puerto Pañuelo… I think

Yeah by then I was in love with this place, it was so beautiful. So movie like somehow

First one is Puerto Pañuelo. Second one is the view from the first island. In Victoria island we did a little more because on the first one it was lunch time and my grandparents were really tired so we decided not to push it and just go to the cafeteria to eat something and enjoy the view.

The second one was more fun. We did a little circuit through the Arayán forest. Arayán is this beautiful tree with a really cold temperature apparently. The tour guy from the ship told us we should hug the trees because they would give us good vibes and to see how cold the tree was. So through the track you would see a bunch of people hugging trees, go green or go home right?

I think Victoria Island is so famous here because there was a sort of myth going around that said that Walt Disney got his inspiration there to make Bambi… which is not true… at all. In fact the tour man from the ship talked about this and how though it was not true the place didn’t need a celebrity name to be considered famous or beautiful

And he was kind of right.

But the trees kind of look like a white-tailed deer fur, maybe?

That in the middle is me by the way, hi!

Foto 4-11-16 2 52 38 PM

So yes, this place was amazing.

I also spent my days drinking hot chocolate. As I told you at the beginning, Bariloche is usually a cold place with snow because it’s close to the famous Cordillera de Los Andes and well Chile. So the place kind of gained popularity for hot chocolate and chocolate to eat. It didn’t disappoint, the chocolate there is so good.

And these are only two of the hot chocolates I drank. I think I drank one each day lol.

okay so the first pic is from Victoria island. It’s the roof of this small cabin aside from the circuit we did. I think it was call fantasy Cottage. The second one is the back of an amazing small church up in a hill were you had the most spectacular view.

Foto 4-11-16 4 09 11 PM


I then went to this beautiful cathedral. Fun Fact about me: I was raised in a catholic family. I’m baptized and took the communion too but as soon as I changed schools and started high school in a catholic one were we would pray every morning and have cathesism as a subject I stopped believing. I don’t know if I’m atheist but what I know is that I don’t believe in god and I believe in evolution. It’s funny because cathesism was one of my favorite subjects since we would discuss social issues and I like knowing about religion… I know quite a lot for someone who does not believe.

A lot of pine trees… I think they were pine trees… well they looked like it.

Also they were lots and lots of flowers… I love flowers I’m like a flower child or something, I see flowers and I can’t resist myself I have to take them pictures.

And beautiful roses even my grandma’s iPhone 6+ had trouble with the colors. They were so, so red they almost shined in the pictures. I think I edited these two.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Otto hill

This was in another touristic place we went to, Otto hill. We went up in a cable car. Up in the hill there was a rotating restaurant. While you were eating the restaurant would slightly rotate so you could see all the view. This was my favorite part.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Me again, hi!

I wish I could show you all the pictures but I don’t want to bore you. So I’m going to say bye with these three pictures I took in the Swiss colony… yeah because there’s a small swiss town here. I ate fondue in one of the restaurants and it was deliciously awesome.

Foto 4-11-16 4 32 19 PM

Foto 4-11-16 4 32 17 PM

Foto 4-11-16 4 31 59 PM