What I’m into at the moment

Everytime I want to do a “What I’m into at the moment” post all I can think of is about the shows I’m watching at the moment and the fact that I want to talk about them. But honestly the only thing I can recall of this month was me watching tv shows, that’s it so let’s get into it.

  • Tv Shows

Last month I was totally attached to Bones. This month however I did a major throwback and decided to rewatch some old shows I watched. Not really watched completely though more like stopped watching but watched more than the half. In this case: Dawson’s Creek and The Office.

I decided to rewatch the season before of where I stopped watching that’s why I say I’m rewatching (I’m really not doing that though)


I don’t think I ever mentioned it but I’m a sucker for teenage drama. I watched Gossip Girl and The O.C and I remember saying those were my favorite shows (They’re not… well I still love The O.C) When I was around 16 MTV was passing the episodes of Dawson’s Creek in Argentina and I decided to give it a try. I was so in love with it. I loved the characters and the fact that everything about this show was so unrealistic. From the way they talked to the way they looked (They were supposed to be 16 but they looked like 25) I didn’t care, I just loved it. Specially when Joey and Pacey got together, I started loving it even more because, let me tell you something, Pacey is by far one of my favorite characters in television ever. I stopped watching the show in season 4 though because I kinda knew that Joey and Pacey weren’t going to last and I didn’t want it to end so I stopped watching. Silly, I know.

However, a few weeks ago, after almost 5 years and knowing how the show was going to end (Yeah I had to make sure who was Pacey going to end with to continue watching) I decided to keep watching it. The thing is, now I’m about to end season six and I. Don’t. Want. To. I got so attached to the characters and their stories. I love Jen and Joey and I love Jack and I loooove Pacey.and I recently started liking Dawson for the first time after five seasons. Anyway yeah I’m all into this show at the moment. Worst thing is I can’t talk about it with anyone because it’s old and nobody I know watched it.


I have so much love for The Office. It reminded me of when I watched Parks and Recreation and that show is one of my favorite evers. I have laughed so much with this one though. I started watching a long time ago, I don’t even remember when but I stopped around season 4. I don’t know why I always stop watching series at season 4. And this is not just because I also stopped watching Dawson’s Creek at season 4 but I also stopped watching a lot of shows on S4. Anyways, now suddenly decided that I needed a more laughter in my life so yeah, naturally, I turned to a tv show looking for it.

I’m currently on season 6 now and I watched it every night unlike Dawson’s Creek which I’m trying to delay so it doesn’t have to end, I’m lame.

I’m wishing for a new mockumentary to come because I honestly love them a lot.

  • Music

I haven’t find anything new and to be honest with myself I think my music taste is starting to suck. I used to be this person who would spend hours looking for new good music and now I just kind of play the everyday songs I have. Worst thing is I love listening to music, they’re literally not many times of the day when I’m not listening to music and I’m just starting to get bored of listening to the same stuff.

I also miss 8tracks, I used to find great songs on that app but because now it’s only available on the United States I can’t. You broke my heart, 8tracks, I loved you.

If you feel like it, recommend me music or songs you’re into at the moment.

  • Books


I’m not reading anything at the moment but I have Uprooted in my table and I see it every day laying there tempting me to start reading so I might finally give in.

“Our Dragon doesn’t eat the girls he takes, no matter what stories they tell outside our valley. We hear them sometimes, from travelers passing through. They talk as though we were doing human sacrifice, and he were a real dragon. Of course that’s not true: he may be a wizard and immortal, but he’s still a man, and our fathers would band together and kill him if he wanted to eat one of us every ten years. He protects us against the Wood, and we’re grateful, but not that grateful.”

Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river. But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her life.

Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay. But he demands a terrible price for his help: one young woman handed over to serve him for ten years, a fate almost as terrible as falling to the Wood.

Sounds really cool, I was so excited when I found it on the book store. My cover is not as pretty as this one though.

  • Movie


From the moment I saw the first picture of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone dancing I was rooting for this movie. First of all because I love Emma Stone and I love Crazy, Stupid, Love so I loved them together with Ryan Gosling and they were kinda cool in Gangster Squad. But this movie? I don’t know if you have checked the trailer but it makes me so anxious and excited to see it.

The story is about “A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.” accordin to IMDB. I’ll leave you the trailer.

Plus Emma singing? I’m so up for this.

  • Clothes & Accesories

I’m all over this skirt I bought in H&M on my summer trip.

And that’s it, that’s all I have for the moment 🙂

See ya!

PS: I have ambiented my blog into a more spooky theme, I love Halloween.




TV Show: The Get Down


While the masses are out there getting their minds blown away with Stranger Things (which is understandable because it’s freaking good) many are sleeping on this brand new TV show Netflix put on its platform not so long ago.

When I saw it on Netflix I was not sure at all I wanted to watch it but because I’m a fan of Baz Luhrmann’s work I thought, Luhrmann + 70’s = definitely worth checking out. I did not regret it either. This show is amazing. The whole cast, the plot, the music, the characters. Everything on it screams A+

From what I can pick up from IMDB (because I’m terrible summing up) the show is set in a 70’s New York City, broken down and beaten up. It focuses on a group of teenagers from the Bronx as they go on everyday trying to achieve their dreams. These kids, with their lives, tell the story of how New York at the brink of bankruptcy gave birth to hip-hop and disco.

I’m not going to do a review, all I wanted to do is give a shout out to this amazing series and recommend you guys to watch it.

See  ya!



WEB SERIES: Call Me Katie

Photo May 31, 5 06 00 PM

Time to talk about one of my favorite things in the universe again, LITERARY WEB SERIES! YAY!

Since “Green Gables Fables” ended I had no more web series to watch, So on sunday because I was dying of boredom to the point of thinking about watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries again I discovered this web series called “Call Me Katie”, an adaptation of The Taming of The Shrew by William Shakespeare. I read this play when I was really young because I was in love with the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I already knew about this series actually but it never really called my attention until now.

First of all, I know The Taming of The Shrew has a lot of sexism discussion and Call Me Katie dealt with it extraordinarily and with amazing humor. The web series has 50 video, we have Katie Minola (Katherina Minola) who is a feminist that doesn’t like being called Kate and Peter Glover (Petruchio) who is the kind of guy who would ask why it’s called feminism if it’s equality and why not humanitarianism, which is a word that has its own movement, or equalitarism (he actually says this)

Anyway the adaptation goes more or less like this: Bianca wants to date, she even has three guys who like her but her mom has an explicit rule, Bianca dates if Katie has a boyfriend and Katie “hates” boys because of the patriarchy (or something like that but I’m sure patriarchy is involved) On the other side, George Bates and George Gleeson are best friends. Bates likes Bianca and their new friend Luke who just changed schools likes her too. Harry, another friend, also likes her so they decide to pay Peter Glover, who hates Katie, to date Bianca’s sister so Bianca can go out with one of them… and it goes on from that.

Call Me Katie discusses a lot of really important subjects like sexuality, feminism and sexual abuse. I think it’s a great web series. There was a moment where I was not even paying attention if they followed Shakespeare’s plot or not because I really got into it. What I really liked about it is that their characters are not perfect. From the beginning I knew Peter was kind of problematic because of his way of thinking, he meant well though. But Katie who I loved since the beginning was also flawed. Bianca who is portrayed as the perfect smart and beautiful girl has also made mistakes, I like the fact that they all have flaws and nobody is perfect.

The dynamic of the web serie reminded me a lot of Nothing Much to Do (NMTD) and you know, or not if you didn’t read my posts, that NMTD is my favorite web serie ever. I’m really happy I found this one but I’m really sad I ended it. There were moments where I would be in my bed alone laughing out loud, it’s really funny, sadly it was quite short.

If you want to know more about Literary Web Series read my post here!

See ya!

Shows I Stopped Watching (And Why)

watch tv shows

TV shows are life. Or at least they take a very important part in my life. I also suck at watching them. When they’re complete they’re the best thing ever, I could watch 7 seasons in one month (like I did with The X-Files) but when I have to follow the show watching one episode per week… I just suck at it. I end up falling behind.

Right now I’m in a sort of “viewer’s block” I can’t seem to catch up with any of the tv shows I’m watching… And I watch a lot. I thought maybe writing about the ones I stopped watching would make me want to get updated with the ones I do watch.

Horrible idea I know but I’m also bored and trying to get my mind off some things so I’m going to write about the tv shows I stopped watching and the reasons why I did.

A little warning: I’m really sorry if you watch any of these shows and don’t agree with me on my reasons. Keep in mind this is my opinion only. Secondly, beware of the spoilers.

1- The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries was probably the first TV series I watched in english, I was a freshman when it started. It was on my TV every thursday (I think) after Supernatural. By then I was a big fan of Twilight and vampires [shrinks] At first I was in love of the show but as I grew older the plot got so bad and in my opinion, after season 3, things just went down. There are a couple of things why I stopped liking the show.

First of all, Klaus was incredible and in some point he was my favorite character so when they took him and the originals family (who I thought were the most interesting character of the show) to another tv series I thought it was bad for TVD. It was as if they took the most interesting part of the show. Secondly, Delena. I don’t know why and probably everybody disagrees with me on this because Delena was The Ship of the show, I just didn’t like them. It was like too obvious Elena was going to get with Damon at some point (books aside) and I just felt sorry for Stefan. I really liked Stelena.

The way I see it, klaroline was one of the ships that was bringing the show back to life (meaning: keeping things a little bit interesting for me) and when they took Klaus away it’s like they ruined it. I didn’t watch much after that. I only got to the part where a bunch of doppelgängers of Elena and Stefan were around. The doppelgänger plot got so old with The Vampire Diaries, it was tiring. It was good at some point because Nina Dobrev showed how good of an actress she is, I thought she was amazing in those scenes with Elena’s Doppelgangers.

Wow, it gives me so much nostalgia to talk about The Vampire Diaries.

2- Pretty Little Liars

I remember saying “I would never watch PLL” because it was so famous among teenagers and every girl in my class watched it and it made me hate it for some reason. At some point I gave in and I thought it was good. But I was in season 4 and nobody knew who A was and I got annoyed and bored. Like at some point everybody was part of the A team apparently. Maybe I grew up while watching it or just reasoned but everything the girls did had no logic. Why didn’t you tell your parents in the first place?! I think it would have been a good show if it had less seasons.

3- Arrow

When Arrow started I had no idea it was from DC. After looking into it I decided to give it a try. First two seasons were really good. By then I shipped Olicity really hard though I knew Oliver and Laurel should be together since she was supposed to become Black Canary and all. When I got to season three (where the show currently was) I was so happy because Olicity was happening but as usual after the first two episodes I fall behind and failed to catch up.

The thing is I had a lot of spoilers with this show and every spoiler I saw made me less anxious to get to the current episode they were airing. For some reason I stopped shipping olicity because a lot of people were shipping it and made the ship look more important than the show. I do this often, when something becomes famous I stop liking it (Example: The Fault In Our Stars)

Also, the fan service of this show is terrible and the fact that [SPOILER] they killed Laurel is just… NOPE!

4- Glee

Glee was my life! Joke, but I was a crazy fan, I still listen to a lot of covers they made and basically loved every character. I believe the show should have ended after season 3. Season 4 was not bad but I just didn’t like the dynamic. After Cory died (cries forever) things got pretty aimless, like horribly bad. Sometimes characters disappeared all of a sudden and all the newbies they introduced where discarded like disposable cups after one season and I hated that. I get that they were part of Finn’s storyline but after his death it all was arranged horribly.

It kinda makes me sad, because of glee I’m a big fan of Lea Michele,  Dianna Agron and Darren Criss. I’m still a big fan of the cast. (specially of these three)

I got some tv shows on hiatus too, meaning, I don’t want to stop watching them and I still care about the characters but right now is not the moment, examples: Supernatural, Dawson’s Creek, Chuck, Shameless and The Fosters. Also, I thought about mentioning The Flash but I really only watched 10 episodes of season 1 so I don’t think it was like these shows were I really was interested at some point.




Literary Web Series (my favorites)

Let’s talk about business… and by that I mean one of my favorite things, LITERARY WEB SERIES!!! [YouTube Intensifies.] I have to be honest, two years ago I had no idea what a literary web series was. So how did I got into this fascinating world? Easy, the way I got into any other world, tumblr.

I was once scrolling down my dashboard, minding my own business, when I saw a cute set of gifs about something I couldn’t identify. So of course being the way I am I started looking for the gifs and tags and all until I found out it was about “Nothing Much to Do,” the first web series ever I heard of.

I know literary web series kind of started with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries which I had no idea it existed. At the moment Nothing Much To Do was the best and most original idea on the universe, I didn’t know they were following the steps of others. So since that happened two years ago I had the chance to watch a few more series which I’m going to list right now (in no particular order of preference)

And get comfy this is going to be a long, long, long post… but really when are they not with me on the keyboard?

  • Nothing Much To Do (adaptation of “Much Ado About Nothing”) By Candle Wasters.

So as I said before this one was my first literary web series and my favorite one. Not only because it was the one who introduce me to this system but also because if you saw my post about 5 Movie Locations I Want to Go to, Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite Shakespeare play. You cannot understand my excitement when I finally understood what Nothing Much To Do was about (the name pretty much gives it away…)

Anyway, this adaptation transports Will’s characters to New Zealand (cute accents) and puts them into Messina High School. This might not be The Lizzie Bennet Diaries quality (which I’m always going to use as an example because everyone does) but I thought it was a really clever adaptation. What’s different about it and the reason I love NMTD and it’s my favorite is that their performance feels so real that you don’t know how much of themselves are the actor putting in the character.

It feels as if they eat them and everything is so awkwardly natural, as if Benedick and Beatrice really existed. I was so disappointed when I learned the actors names like “What? No, your names is Beatrice”. Another thing I like about it beside Harriet (Beatrice) and Jake’s (Benedick) performance is that you get attached to these characters (I even liked John.) It’s aesthetically cute, nice and pretty awesome. I totally recommend it.

Link to the playlist here.

  • Green Gables Fables (adaptation of “Anne of Green Gables”) by green gables fables?

Green Gables Fables was such a surprise to find. First of all I only found out about this because I was going through some period romance blogs in tumblr and saw posts about the TV show. Looking for more information in YouTube (meaning watching some Anne/Gilbert scenes) I discovered GGF.

Now I’m in no position to say this because I didn’t read the books (yet… I bought the first one two days ago) nor watch the TV series but I feel like Mandy Kharmon (Anne) does a great job portraying her (? I mean I did watch some videos of the original series and I feel like she did a great job adapting Anne. The series is divided in two seasons until now since season two is currently coming up. This is new for me because usually I find finished web series. I gotta say I don’t really like waiting a week for a three-minute video.

Even though GGF didn’t start with Anne at the age she has in the first book if you watch the first few videos and the ones in season two you can clearly see how much she grew and matured which is something I think  it was made fantastically. A plus for me is that Gilbert is such a cutie here too! And I’m a sucker for this kind of relationships. So yeah, I recommend it. If you start watching, don’t lose interest in the first videos. I know they can be a little bit boring because of the lack of other characters though I think Mandy manages quite well on her own. The series is one of those who improves over time and it easily became one of my favorites.

Link to the first season here!

  • Carmilla (adaptation of… duh, “Carmilla”) by KindaTV


This adaptation of Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu it’s probably one of the most famous ones and it’s totally understandable because it’s simply awesome. It’s how you wish every teen supernatural TV show or movie would go. It was also my second web series watched.

Laura Hollis starts vlogging about the disappearance of her roommate in Silas University and discovers that other girls are also missing and that it might be related to her new suspicious but hot roommate who doesn’t sleep at night and keeps blood in the refrigerator (as a “joke”)

Carmilla was also a result of a tumblr post I saw… on tumblr. Let just say I found everything on tumblr. I don’t know what to say to convince you to watch this so I’m going to go with this: Lesbian vampire. That’s it, that was all for me. I like the book Carmilla and this adaptation is interesting, it has great actresses with great chemistry, great representation and a compelling story. Though there were times when I would get lost because they can’t film every supernatural thing that happens I don’t know if the show is really to blame here or my understanding of English. I think they currently finished season three which I only watched two or three episodes because of procrastination.

First season here!

  • The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy (Adaptation of Peter Pan) by EpicRobotTV

If you haven’t figured out yet (because, you know the name of my blog) Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories. I don’t exactly remember how I found this (I think imdb) but I know I was the happiest person alive when I did.

However this, of course, was not what I expected. I was not disappointed though. In this story, Peter and Wendy are grownups with jobs and homes and responsibilities. The characters still have their main essence though. Anyway, in the first season they introduce us to the Darling siblings, Michael and John. We are also introduced to (Tiger) Lily who is interested in Peter and really, really rich. Tinkerbell fulfills the role of camera so every time we see the characters we either see them through Wendy’s videos or Tinkerbell’s eyes.

In season two things go big and we get to meet Hook, Smee and the Darling siblings’ father played by Jim Beaver. As soon as I saw Bobby from Supernatural (I mean Jim) I knew this was no ordinary web series. I then found out it’s from one of the producers of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (? This is pretty much a web series that could be on TV, I mean the parties and the places… It takes out the whole vlogging experience I’m used to with NMTD or GGF.

It was no wonder that for season three they started an indiegogo campaign to get the money to film. After seeing what they were asking for (which I think is too much) I understood why so much production (50.000!!!!!)

watch it here!


Finding this was like finding the origin story of all things. The Lizzie Bennet diaries was the fifth web series I found and when I also discovered it won a freaking Emmy i just couldn’t understand how is it that I didn’t find it earlier. Finding it felt like everything was a lie. I mean there was no lie but… Ugh! I don’t know. I was so frustrated. It felt like watching all sci-fi series without having known about The X-Files.

So I clearly understand why this is so famous between other web series, aside from being the first one. Pride and Prejudice itself is a novel everyone knows and it has a very famous love story . Everyone wants a Darcy, blah, blah. And the fact that they have a freaking Emmy helps as well. The characters are charming and accurate, and they audience is kept intrigued as to know more about Darcy and how he looks like (even though most already know)… by audience I mean me. I also knew about Darcy, I read the book but I just wanted to see who was playing him! Was he handsome? Was he accurate? (Yes it was). I was not used to the idea of someone telling me about the character and how the relationship went without seeing the love interest of the series. I got to see Darcy anyway and I was pleased. Great casting for everyone.

watch it here!

  • Lovely Little Losers (Adaptation of Love’s Labour’s Lost) by Candle Wasters.


You know how I told you that you grew attached to the Nothing Much To Do characters? And you know that feeling when you finish watching something and you’re sad because you wish there was more and you’re so into the story and you can’t do anything else but think about it? That was Nothing Much To Do for me. TWO FREAKING YEARS LATER I found out that there was A FUCKING SEQUEL!

Following another Shakespeare play this is based on Love’s Labour’s Lost… one of the few Will’s plays I didn’t read. In this sequel Beatrice hands in her main role and the camera passes to Benedick… this is his adventure now as he vlogs about what goes on in the apartment he’s sharing with his three flat mates. A new character for us, Freddie and the two other flat mates being Pedro and Balthazar (my babies!) Though this is their story now, familiar faces come and go through the course of the series. I was a little sad because of the lack of Beatrice until she appeared and stayed (so if that is your case don’t worry)

Some might say that it’s better to not watch it and just stay with NMTD and I’m not entirely disagreeing because though I know the story follows the plot of Shakespeare’s play, it’s a little bit silly when adapted. But everything to watch my ship get canon.

Watch it here!


Here comes another Emmy Award winning web series from Pemberley Digital. I didn’t want to watch this at first because I thought the actress who played Emma was one taken from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and I thought it was no suit for Emma’s character. As I was mistaken and in vacations and bored I proceeded to watch it.

People prefer the Lizzie Bennet Diaries best and I think I do too because of the story. But Emma approved was so authentic and Joanna Sotomura did such a great job portraying her. I liked the acting of Emma Approved more than of TLBD, don’t hate me it’s just an opinion. Also, romance is a very important subject when it comes to choosing what to watch and though I like Darcy I like Knightly, who we get to see from the beginning, better.

Plus, isn’t it totally cute that Joanna and Brent, the actors who portray Knightly and Emma are dating?  I think it’s adorable and they make a really cute couple.

watch it here!

If you got here, wow, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed reading me talking about my favorite things 🙂