“Talk to us, we won’t judge you”

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Yesterday I had a big oral presentation in my oratory class (it’s like speech class) I hate this class for the simple fact that I hate speaking in public. I mean there is a reason why I’m writing a blog and not speaking on a YouTube channel (Though I always play with the idea of making one)

The most ironic thing is that I’m studying journalism. I need to learn how to speak in public and speak to strangers. Up to now I’m only good with strangers at the phone. I remember I used to ask other people to call for delivery because I would have a breakdown if I did, literally my conversation would go:

McDonald’s employee: Hi how can I help you?

Me: Hi, good morning, Hum… wait, it’s not morning. It’s 9pm… Anyway, hi… hum, wait a second… *passes the phone to someone else and locks herself in her room until the food arrives*

… With time I got better at it. I can answer the phone and speak and not drool or stay quiet or confuse morning with night on the other side of the line, I evolved. Still, speaking in public in front of strangers makes me feel bad in the tummy.

So basically in this presentation we had to get together in groups, choose a famous person and analyze his speech mode, meaning, the way he speaks, filler words he uses, his expressions, his body movement, etc. Later we would have to speak to the class about it and meanwhile the class would have to analyze us the way we did with the famous people quoting some authors we saw in class who apparently are experts in oratory enough to write a book about it (yay so entertaining!) I would stand and talk about my famous guy, meanwhile the people sitting down wait for me to do something to point it out to the professor.

Maybe you understand now. I hate this class…

To worsen the things a little my group (I was lucky to get my closest uni friends) chose a famous person linked to sports because all of them except for me and another girl are studying journalism specialized in sports. I would have much rather talk about Leo DiCaprio for example, me and the other girl suggested him but they were like “Nice try, but hell no”

So I spoke. I spoke in public and I thought I was really okay. In fact I was surprised with me and how well I managed to talk. I was really nervous that day but everything seemed to go well… well no. Apparently not. As soon as we sat down and the professor asked what comments they had about us they started attacking us and I tried to remind myself that this was normal and that they did the same with other groups, they’re critics but constructive ones that only mean to help you for the future.

Anyway when they criticized me I couldn’t help feel a little disappointed. I don’t think this is supposed to be a helpful post that recommends you what to do when you are shy or have social anxiety like me because I would say “AVOID TALKING IN PUBLIC”

But if I had to give some recommendation I would probably suggest to learn what you have to say really hard but in a way that when you deliver it to the public it feels like you’re talking to them, in a natural way. Try to avoid learning it by hard and cite it like you learned a poem by hard and you’re delivering it. People notices when it’s natural and when you are saying exactly the same thing you have on the paper. Plus if you say it naturally people would think that you know what you’re talking about, they will trust what you’re saying.

That said, I just wanted to share a bit of my life with you, thanks for following me or reading me!

See ya!